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Well, we had a hunch that our rankings might give you… um… feelings.

When posted a countdown of soaps’ 30 greatest supercouples of all time, let’s be real. We knew that some people would love it, and some people would… er… how to put it? Not love it. At all.

In fact, some fans were so perturbed by the rankings that they read us for filth in ways that we’re pretty sure weren’t even ways until they did it. For instance, @nicholsevansfan, mid-LOL, marveled that Days of Our Lives’ “Doug and Julie were on the cover of Time magazine, got Days to No. 1 for the the first time. Steve and Kayla brought Days to No. 1 for the second time… and remain popular 30 years after their debut, but you put Ben and Ciara higher on the list because??? For real?”

Equally horrified, although for different reasons, KimAnnFran tweeted, “So no Robert and Holly [from General Hospital], no Duke and Anna [also from General Hospital], no Todd and Blair [from One Life to Live]?

“But,” she noted, entirely correctly, “there’s Ciara and Ben…  Enough said.”

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Ben, Ciara proposal Days

Um, “Cin” fans, we humbly propose that you come to our defense right about now, thanks!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Hey, “Cin” have had an impact. Still, clearly not as great an impact on KimAnnFran as Robert and Holly, and Duke and Anna had.

Hazel also took us to task for excluding those particular Port Charles pairs. “Fail,” she declared our efforts. “Massive fail.” (We never do anything halfway… ) CaliGirl, astounded by our blunders, remarked that “I’m not even a General Hospital fan, but I know who Duke and Anna are. That’s a supercouple.”

Ian Buchanan, Finola Hughes gh duke anna jj

It doesn’t take two to tango, it takes these two — specifically these two!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

A reader named Michelle said, more gently than most, that Days of Our Lives’ “Jack and Jennifer should be on the list.” And we’d agree, had he not died eleventeen times more than most and their love story not taken more unnecessary detours than a connect-the-dots puzzle on your average diner menu. (Side note: Those are shockingly tricky.)

Still, Michelle has a point. DesylvaL was so dissatisfied with our countdown, an entirely different one seemed to be required.

Ashtonian balked at the notion that we’d include on any supercouples list Liam and Steffy from The Bold and the Beautiful. They “aren’t even the rooting couple in that scenario,” she argued. “That’s Liam and Hope, who had the love story and soulmate writing… Steffy was the interloper.”

What made Cindy’s jaw drop was the Bold & Beautiful exes ranking higher than The Young and the Restless’ Dru and Neil “and ‘Shick’… heck, even over Bo and Nora from One Life to Live?” In our defense, Liam and Steffy look closer to a rematch than any of those other couples (and it’d take a miracle to get Bo and Nora back on our screens).

oltl hillary b smith robert s woods bo nora gds

“You got that, too, right? Cindy dissed us. ‘Even over Bo and Nora.’”

Credit: George De Sota/JPI

At least JMA blamed someone other than us for the atrocity as which some saw our list. “I’d have [General Hospital’s] JaSam No. 1, but given that the writers refuse to write for them anything of substance, I guess I understand how someone could forget how great they are.”

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco "General Hospital" jason sam

“We should rank higher based on your cheekbones alone. Seriously… wow.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

In the end, FiloGirl may have summed up the problem with our Top 30 best. “This is a list of your favorite couples,” she tweeted. “That’s all it is. You omitted a majority of real supercouples and included some that aren’t even close to the definition of a supercouple.

“Some,” she added, “are laughable.”

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Maybe so. But that’s almost the point of a roundup such as this one. Dang right it’s opinionated. Dang right some folks will disagree. That right there is part of the fun.

Before the moment’s past, be sure to hit the comments with the couples that you think we should — make that must — include when we upgrade the photo gallery down the line. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Oh, and if you haven’t even skimmed our picks, you’re kinda-sorta obliged to do so, by clicking on the photo gallery below.