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Whether you agree with the order in which we’ve put them, you’re at least guaranteed to love the photos.

Deciding whether one soap-opera couple is more romantic or memorable than another is a little bit like figuring out whether one cupcake is tastier than the last. In other words, it’s next to impossible. They’re all good in their own way — both the cupcakes and the couples.

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But, of course, we love nothing more here at than tackling tasks that are “next to impossible.” So we’ve racked our brains, searched our hearts and come up with what we think (hope?) is the definitive ranking of daytime’s 30 greatest supercouples of all time.

Before we unveil our controversial countdown, however, we should agree on what exactly makes a supercouple… well, super. Reader Myrtle McGovern suggested that among the necessary ingredients were “chemistry, sexual tension, angst, push and pull, and tons of challenges over time.” For The Young and the Restless fan Gemma, it takes even more than chemistry, it takes “what I call ‘good actor chemistry.’” Meaning? It “makes me forget the people are acting.”

Leigh Mac tweeted that the defining characteristic of a supercouple was good writing. “It’s usually a story that had many layers with characters [that] are connected by more than just attraction… It’s more than just sex or romance.”

On Facebook, LoriLou Shermanator theorized that timing was everything. “Not throwing them into bed right away” is a must, she said. But so is “not dragging out a happy ending too long.” Arlene Brennan seconded that emotion, adding that during that honeymoon period, what is key is “making the fans fall in love with them… making us feel what they are feeling when they are going through it. All together as one.”

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Days of Our Lives viewer @nicholsevansfan chimed in on Twitter, saying that, given the connection between the characters in question, “Once they fall in love, they cannot picture loving with anyone else, though sometimes they are forced into it.” In other words, “they don’t cheat willingly.”

Where did these couples rank? Did they even make the list?!?

Credit: NBC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection, Howard Wise/JPI (2)

In addition to bearing all that in mind, when figuring out our rankings, we also took into consideration the impact that our picks had on their shows and on daytime as a whole. So, in other words, these dynamic duos are the biggest of the big.

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Included in our list are popular pairings from The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives — you know, our current soaps — as well as serials past, among them All My Children and One Life to Live, Santa Barbara and Another World.

Hey, are you still reading, or have you already skipped down to the bottom of this article to click on the photo gallery? Fine. Check out our list. But then be sure and come back with the names of the couples that you feel should have been added and/or moved up/down in the rankings.