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Wear your heart on your sleeve and your favorite soap on your face.

Look, we’re all eagerly anticipating the day when we can stop covering our smiles (or scowls, depending on who you’re dealing with) and go back to masks being donned only by criminals and trick-or-treaters. But for now, we have to remember what Tyra Banks taught us on America’s Next Top Model (“Smile with your eyes… smize!”) and do what we can to keep the people we love safe.

That doesn’t, however, mean we can’t have a little fun and promote what we love while doing so, right? Ever since Eric Braeden began selling masks (our favorite of which features his iconic Young and Restless alter ego, Victor, saying, “Wear the damn mask!”), we’ve become borderline obsessed with the idea of repping our favorite shows when venturing out into the world.

Want to see some of the funnest, most creative masks we’ve found available out there? Read on!

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Wedded Bliss

young restless victor nikki wedding mask


It may seem like only yesterday, but Young & Restless’ Victor and Nikki tied the knot for the first time way back in 1984. Now that we all feel old, why not pick up this amazing keepsake of their special day? While you’re perusing Annie Mae’s selection, be sure to check out the mousepad which also happens to commemorate the couple’s first (but certainly not their last) wedding.

Great Advice

days mask stay home


Credit: BriaWalsh/Etsy

Hey, being cooped up gets to all of us sooner or later. While this mask is perfect for when you have to venture out into the world, it also offers some pretty sound advice on how to pass the time otherwise: “Stay home and watch Days of Our Lives.” And how awesome is that hourglass design?

Reunited At Last

passions mask


Okay, tell us you didn’t get a little emotional upon seeing this mask, featuring Passions’ witchy woman Tabitha and her living doll, Timmy. (That’s right, Bold & Beautiful, long before Thomas started talking to a mannequin, the NBC sudser had gone there… and then some!) Given the supernatural nature of Passions, it’s somehow appropriate that you can find several masks featuring the show on the Etsy page of someone named… Ghastly Gargoyle!

Coping Mechanism

survived watching soaps mask

3D Rose/Amazon

Credit: 3D Rose/Amazon

Remember the line from the Afternoon Delights tune General Hospi-Tale, “I just can’t cope… without my soap!” Well, that was way back in 1981 when the biggest problem facing the world was Mikkos and his snow-making machine. Given everything currently going on, is it any wonder we’re turning to our soaps as an escape? This mask might just help you connect with others who’ve adapted the same survival technique! (Meanwhile, watch the video below to groove to the above mentioned tune. Bet you’ll be singing along as the lyrics come flooding back!)

Hello, Boys!

days hunks mask


Credit: Etsy/ThinksToMakeYaSmile

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the amazing collection of Days of Our Lives hunks — past and present — gracing this mask? It’s kinda ridiculously appropriate that this comes from an Etsy seller named “Things To Make Ya Smile” because that’s exactly the impact it had on us. The only potential hazard? People may feel compelled to get closer than they should in order to check out the… material. Yes, that’s it. The material.

That About Sums It Up

Soap Opera Terms Face Mask

Remember that old game show, The $20,000 Pyramid, on which one person gave the other clues in order to get them to guess the topic? Well, if that topic were soap operas, the words on this mask would make awesome clues: Return from the dead, baby switches and love triangles for the win!

Which of these masks would you love to find in your stocking this holiday season? Hit the comments with what characters or images from your favorite soap you’d enjoy seeing on a mask. Then, make sure to check out the gallery below in which we look at the stunning transformations some of your favorite daytimers have undergone.

Video: YouTube/GHRickLesley