Credit: John Paschal/JPI (2), Howard Wise/JPI, NBC/Getty Images (2), ABC

We’re going to go ahead and crack a window just in case it’s the former, but we’re pretty sure it’s the latter.

A while back, Soaps.com published a photo gallery of soaps’ most attractive leading men ever. It was extensive, but it was also not in any way, shape or form comprehensive.

In other words, it left out a few guys, and by “a few,” we mean “a lot.”

It would almost have to. A truly inclusive list would go on for longer than even the entirety of the Internet has room for, right?

Nonetheless, we have endeavored to fill in some gaps by adding to our Who’s Who of Who’s Hot by tossing into the mix a whole new batch of actors who are not only as talented as hell but as sexy as it, too.

Among our additions are a star from The Young and the Restless who can reduce any woman to mush just by fixing her with his come-hither gaze, a Days of Our Lives heartthrob whose wardrobe often consists of nothing but a towel, an MVP from The Bold and the Beautiful who has redefined the “hot doctor” trope, and a General Hospital newcomer who’s left us counting down the days till the reopening of the pool at the Metro Court.

Care to see who made the cut this time around? All you have to do is click on the photo gallery below, then be sure and come back to let us know who ought to be included the next time we do a remix of the list — because, as sure as November, February and May sweeps, you know it’s coming!