Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (2), Aaron Montgomery/JPI (2)

When these real-life couples said, “I do,” they meant it!

On our daytime dramas, marriages are what, a dime a dozen, right? Maybe even a nickel. They come and go faster than the seasons change. But in real life… ah! What a difference on- and off-screen makes!

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In real life, some of your favorite stars from The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital have tied knots that time simply can’t untie; they’re like double knots that way. These power couples have proven themselves to be lifers, clinging tightly to their vows over the course of not months or years but decades.

To put a stretch like that in perspective, it could take a soap kid from the cradle to the altar to the grave… twice. (Assuming that SORAS was in play… which let’s be real, it almost always is! But we digress… )

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It’s these couples that we salute today, with a photo gallery of daytime television’s longest-married stars, the inspirations to the rest of us to step up our game and get it right already. Among them are a couple from The Young and the Restless whose relationship must have had to have been reported to HR, a Days of Our Lives pair that beat their characters down the aisle, and a General Hospital leading man who took a new bride before he took a new role.

Ready to see who’s who among our “I do”-ers? All you have to do is click below, then hit the comments with your favorite real-life twosomes.