OLTL's Todd onscreen as a super hero! (Soaps.com)

Soaps.com’s 2009 Halloween Soap Survey Results!

Last week, Soaps.com polled everyone on how our readers would dress up their favorite soap opera characters for our fictional Soaps.com Halloween Ball, and we are excited to reveal who’s coming to the ball, Saturday evening and what types of costumes you think they should be wearing!

When asked who would make the most horrid bloodsucking vampire, worse than Cruella de Ville, you voted:

1st – General Hospital’s Helena Cassadine

2nd – Day of Our Lives’ Kate DiMera

3rd – All My Children’s David Hayward

Soap characters who will most likely arrive as the sweetest, loveliest angel costume, who could only be sent from heaven, include:

1st – General Hospital’s Lulu Spencer and The Young and The Restless’s Lily Ashby (tied!)

2nd – Day of Our Lives’ Maggie Horton and Sydney DiMera (tied!)

3rd – General Hospital’s Molly Davis

Every soap has one of these, and Mobster Al Capone had nothing on these mobster-like characters:

1st – General Hospital’s Sonny Corinthos

2nd – Day of Our Lives’ Stefano DiMera

3rd – The Young and The Restless’s Victor Newman

There is a Bill Gates, Donald Trump or Oprah costume available to show how rich they are, and those adoring these costumes will include:

1st – The Young and The Restless’s Victor Newman

2nd – General Hospital’s Jasper Jacks

3rd – All My Children’s Adam Chandler and Days of our Lives’ Victor Kiriakis (tied!)

Who will be dressed sexier than Edward from “Twilight,” or Eric from “True Blood…”

1st – Day of Our Lives’ EJ DiMera

2nd – General Hospital’s Jason Morgan

3rd – General Hospital’s Dante Falconeri