YR David Kimble killed michael corbett
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Garbage day came early for the nefarious David Kimble!

On October 7 back in 1991, David Kimble, played by Michael Corbett, met his maker on The Young and the Restless. Don’t worry if you don’t remember, it’s been 29 years! The character arrived in Genoa City in 1986, originally played by Drew Pillsbury, as the new assistant to Jill Abbott. Jill was running a men’s line at Jabot Cosmetics at the time. David romanced her to try and get his hands on the Chancellor family fortune, but Jill caught onto his games, fired and dumped him. David quickly moved on to Jill’s daughter-in-law Nina Webster, who inherited the fortune from her late husband Phillip Chancellor III. When her friends tried to make Nina realize what a louse David was, he began threatening them. He even told Christine “Cricket” Blair he’d slice and dice her face, leaving her so disfigured she’d never model again. David succeeded in convincing Nina to marry him, only to learn Nina’s fortune was in a trust for her son Phillip Chancellor IV. David realized if he adopted the boy then he could get his hands on the money.

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Things began to unravel for David when Diana Westin, who he was having an affair with, and Cricket began looking into his background. They discovered the story of Tom Harper, who looked just like David and was wanted for the murder of his wife and heiress Rebecca Harper. Indeed the two were one and the same, and David was playing the same con on Nina. When Nina learned David was plotting to kill her and her son, she shot him five times. Miraculously he survived but pretended to be paralyzed, and Nina was arrested. However, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. David meanwhile stole a body from the morgue to set on fire and fake his own death.

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In time David returned to Genoa City disguised as Jim Adams. He conned Nina’s mother Flo Webster into marrying him, and convinced Nina to change her will and leave everything to him and Flo should anything happen to her. At a masquerade charity ball later that year, David planned to murder Nina, Cricket, and her then-husband Danny Romalotti. However, his plan was foiled by his former mistress Diane. David fled, with the police in pursuit. He attempted to hide by going down a garbage chute, only to be crushed to death by the trash compactor.

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