Week in soaps collage August 29
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What made us laugh, cry, cringe… and sometimes, all three! 

Welcome to the first edition of what we hope will become your favorite new weekly feature, in which we take one final look at the week in soaps before diving into what’ll happen next! From the good to the bad, the sublime to the silly, it’s a last chance to discuss the things that made us go hmm. Ready to get started? Then let’s dive in!

  • In a week during which General Hospital was moving full-speed ahead, the biggest shock of all might have been when Valerie Spencer turned up to investigate after Nelle went off that cliff. Who even knew she was still around? Meanwhile, we laughed aloud when Jax laid out to Carly exactly why her version of events might be questioned. “You spent years fighting with Nelle, in public, then what? She just falls off a cliff?” Those scenes in which Jax warned Carly that a good D.A. would be able to make her look guilty as sin only furthered our belief that Nelle didn’t die when she fell off that cliff, but will soon… and Carly will be accused!
  • Imagine how much more powerful those scenes in which The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katie dumped Bill (again) because of his feelings for her sister (again) would have been had we invested at all in the formerly-wed pair’s latest reunion? As always, the divine Heather Tom made Katie’s latest wake-up call regarding Bill must-see TV, but ultimately, it was much ado about nothing, given that we’ve spent no time with the pair since they decided to give their marriage another go.
  • Speaking of that whole Brooke/Bill quagmire, how ridiculous was it that The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Ridge walked away after hearing only part of their conversation? Sorry, but if we heard our significant other having that kind of intimate chat with their ex, we’d make sure to take in every dang word! (And are we the only ones who, each time Brooke said that “a part of her” would always love Bill, giggled like schoolkids while saying to the TV, “And we know exactly which part!”)

Quinn, Shauna B&B

Quote of the Week: “Brooke is so dense that she believes that locking eyes with Ridge across the room at some party in the late ’80s made them destined!” — Quinn to the newest Mrs. Forrester, Shauna

  • We also had to laugh when The Young and The Restless’ Victor went on and on about how Sharon is a professional therapist and the only one who could help Adam. To be clear, we’re not questioning Sharon’s qualifications but rather the notion that Victor would ever be so firmly entrenched on #TeamSharon! (That said, the blonde stunner must be a darn good therapist, because after about a session and a half, Adam had remembered things he’d been suppressing for decades!)

Adam hiding YR

Retroactive Drinking Game of the Week: If you’d chugged each time anyone on The Young and the Restless said the words “11 years old” with regard to Adam, you’d have been dead of alcohol poisoning by Wednesday. 

  • The Young and the Restless also gave us a stand-alone episode in which Phyllis created “a night of fantasy and indulgence” for the local ladies. It sounded like a cool Fantasy Island kinda thing but turned out to be the equivalent of a time-share pitch. We’re not sure why Lily and Traci were so willing to sign on to the hostess’ nebulous plan when their big night was literally hanging in a hotel room sipping tea. At least Amanda and Elena got massages out of the deal before being hit up to become backers of what sounds a lot like NVP, the wellness retreat launched by Nikki, Victor and Phyllis years ago.
  • While it didn’t make for much of a Friday cliffhanger, we darn near cheered when The Young and The Restless ended the week by giving us hope that Peter Bergman’s Jack might finally be getting a new love interest. “I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve loved again and lived to tell about it,” he said to Traci. “But something tells me it ain’t over yet!” We also couldn’t help but hope that Nate and Amanda’s conversation about her blood type — as seen in the preview for next week’s episodes — meant we might finally be getting answers regarding her resemblance to the late Hilary!
  • Over on Days of our Lives, Ben was able to take Ciara back to the place in which he’d killed Paige because, as he explained, nobody would want to live in a dorm room where someone was murdered. Listen, if there’s one thing we remember from our college days, it’s this: If you’d told us we could have that room to ourselves, we wouldn’t have cared if satanic rituals had been conducted in it!


Performer of the Week: If we needed a reminder of just what we’ll be losing when Days of our Lives’ Kristian Alfonso departs, we certainly got it this week. In a series of stunning scenes, we watched in awe as Hope tried to ascertain whether daughter Ciara had been killed by Ben. Alfonso took her alter ego on a wild ride, from desperately trying to help Ben remember what had happened to sliding into cop mode in order to maintain control of the situation and, perhaps, her own emotions. In the final moments of the week, it all became too much as, just when she needed him most, Hope had to say farewell to Rafe, with whom she’d only just reunited. As he walked away following their passionate kiss, hers weren’t the only cheeks stained by tears.

So what were your sudsy highs and lows this week? Hit the comments to tell us what you loved, what you loathed and what made you laugh out loud… whether it was supposed to or not! Then enjoy the gallery below, in which we look at the best and worst of 2020’s daytime moments… so far!