8-29-20 spoilers for bold and beautiful days of our lives general hospital young and restless
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Suffering and saying goodbye.

Don’t miss a beat of what’s to come for the week of August 31 – September 4 with spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless, plus Days and General Hospital spoilers from September 7 – 11.

The Bold and the Beautiful

After he’s finally chewed over the situation that he is now wedged into, Ridge makes a choice about his future. This seems to involve Shauna throwing herself into being his wife. Brooke continues to be baffled by everything, but how will she react to Bill’s dubious offer of help? Meanwhile, Steffy continues to feel the pain from her accident and can’t shake thoughts of her old life with Liam. Thomas tries to push his sister to admit what she’s really feeling. Soon, Steffy is lecturing Hope for the way she’s been behaving. As Finn shows suffering Steffy some compassion, Bill tries to teach Liam to see the truth about the women in his life. Read the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to find out who is in store for some sumptuous surprises.

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Days of our Lives

It’s time for Will and Sonny to say goodbye to everyone in Salem and move on. The same can’t be said for the rest of his family. Now that Philip is back in the fold of the Kiriakis clan, he is also in the middle of a battle for the control of Titan. Victor is forced to make some unpleasant choices, but that’s nowhere near as ugly as what’s going on in court. Sami continues to play dirty to make her case and Nicole is the one to take a major hit. This also isn’t making Belle comfortable. Making things even worse, an old enemy of her and Shawn is now back in town. And making things even worse for everyone, Kristen has returned. After Brady digests that and catches up with Marlena, the shrink gets busy trying to help Ben unlock some more of his memories. But he might not have to after Vincent makes a disturbing confession to Ciara. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to discover who is surprised by an intruder.

General Hospital

After a visit to Mike at Turning Woods, Sonny is feeling vulnerable. Meanwhile, Carly has some serious doubts about her latest decision and tells Jax about them. Willow is also full of regret over what she did. Alexis and Neil try to get past their regrets about the way they’ve handled things. However, the former lawyer soon finds herself suffering from heartbreak. She quickly distracts herself by quizzing Sam for the truth. P.I. McCall has been busy badgering Valentin. Will he be around to help Nina as she inches closer to uncovering the truth? Ned’s attempts to make amends are falling flat, but he’s not the only one feeling rejection. Olivia’s worries about her son are only growing. Chase is finally desperate to come clean about the lie that he told. Anna is stopped cold when Robert makes a disturbing remark. Her worries are only compounded when she gets a an even more disturbing phone call. While she tries to cope with some mixed feelings, Robert is busy making promises to Olivia. Will this distract him from his plans with Spinelli to take down Peter? And following an afternoon with Maxie, Peter has the need to reach out to Valentin. Check out our General Hospital spoilers to find out who is feeling cautious.

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The Young and the Restless

With Adam continuing to spiral out of control, Sharon might want to be the one to help him, but she probably shouldn’t be. That’s certainly what Rey thinks as he gives her a warning. Victor may be in need of some caution himself as he takes some risky actions to help his son. Nikki tries to keep Chelsea from losing it, but her advice seems to fall on deaf ears. As Chelsea starts to go off the deep end, Victor tries to clear the air with Victoria. But she doesn’t seem to be in the mood to play fair with anyone. While Nick is defending his controversial choice to get back together with Phyllis, Chance is shocked by who comes looking for him. Sharon gets a surprising guest of her own and Elena has something to be startled by when Devon makes a confession. But could this be as surprising as what Nate uncovers? And is that likely to play a role in the major choice that Amanda is prompted to make? Visit The Young and Restless spoilers to learn who tries to establish more autonomy over their life.

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