20 Things that Only Happen on Soaps
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson, Howard Wise, Paul Skipper/JPI

From the illogical to the impossible.

Viewers love to watch soap operas for a number of reasons. There are the characters we cheer for, and the couples we watch fall in love. They marry, split up, and sometimes remarry. They have children and viewers hope their favorite couples will grow old together. It’s not just the romance viewers enjoy, it’s the drama. Characters engage in bitter rivalries with one another and lie, cheat and steal their way to the top of the business world, or into another character’s bed. Soap operas often feature murder mysteries, adventures for lost treasures, and of course the villains we love to hate.

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At the same time, watching soap operas is a test in suspending our rational and logical thinking minds. Things happen on soaps that would almost never happen in the real world. Have you ever noticed that characters often walk into one another’s homes without knocking? It can also be hard to tell what time of day it is on a soap, especially since characters often are seen drinking. Time zones don’t seem to exist with characters calling up others in Europe at any time of the day. Also, characters seem to travel from their hometowns to somewhere far away and remote relatively quickly. And the police on soap operas are completely incompetent, and they almost never lose their jobs unless it’s storyline dictated. Then there are things that happen in the real world that the soaps don’t even touch upon. While much of our country is in lockdown due to what is happening across the world, everyone is perfectly healthy on the soaps.

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