soap hoppers mashup
Credit: Images: CBS, John Paschal/JPI (3), ABC

Once was simply not enough for these soap stars!

To get cast on a soap opera is hard. To get cast on a soap opera and make your character popular is even harder. (How many new hires don’t make it past their first 13-week contract cycle?) The actors included in this Top 25 countdown scoff at such travails. Or at least now they do. Because they’ve not only made us love them in one role, they’ve made us love them in two. Heck, sometimes more than two!

Among them is a dimpled General Hospital Emmy winner whose first soap role could’ve been the older brother of his current one, a leading man from The Young and the Restless who used to be as well-known for his alter ego’s bedside manner as his bedroom scenes, a Days of our Lives star who went on to even greater fame once she ditched the angel’s wings at the studio door, and an actor from The Bold and the Beautiful who has succeeded on more soaps than there even are anymore!

Want to find out who they are? We don’t blame you — it’s a pretty interesting list, if we do say so ourselves (and we do!). Just clickety-click on the photo gallery below, and you can count all the way down — well, up — to No. 1. Then, by all means, hit the comments with the soap-hoppers that you think we were remiss to have excluded from this list; you never know — the article could always get a sequel!