longest serving soap opera actors list photos
Credit: Images: NBC (2), CBS, ABC

These vets are as reliable as sands through the hourglass.

We look to our soaps for many things, right? Excitement. Escape. And, for as twisted as their plots tend to get, consistency. Yes, consistency! When our lives are in turmoil, we turn to daytime TV to restore a sense of calm, a notion of “Look, it’s OK, here’s everybody you want and expect to see; not everything’s been turned upside-down on you.”

Helping — and dramatically! — in that area are soapdom’s lifers, the veteran actors who have become as much a part of our day-to-day as coffee and antidepressants. Year after year, decade after decade, they punch the clock and stir the pot. And we couldn’t be more grateful to them for doing so!

With that in mind, Soaps.com has compiled a list of the longest-serving actors currently working in daytime television. (In other words, stars of cancelled shows won’t make the cut.) Included among them are an enduring General Hospital heroine who, for all practical purposes, has grown up before our eyes, a Young and Restless bad boy who evolved on screen into a stand-up guy, and a Days of our Lives couple who made the cover of flippin’ Time magazine even before they came to be regarded as soap legends.

Wanna see who came in at No. 1 on the list? Just clickety-click on the photo gallery below and wait for the moment that you find yourself saying, “Wait, have they really been on that long? Nooo, it can’t be!” Spoiler alert: They have been on that long!