Credit: Images: AJBR/JPI, Sean Smith/JPI, Jill Johnson/JPI

This elite group sets the gold standard for daytime-to-feature crossover artists.

Since Saturday, July 25, is the anniversary of Quinn Redeker’s daytime debut — as Days of our Lives’ conniving Alex Marshall, as if you didn’t know — is paying tribute to the actor and the rarest of rare clubs to which he belongs: that of soap stars who have also been nominated for or, better yet, won Academy Awards.

Redeker, who now is probably better known for his long stint as The Young and the RestlessRex Sterling, Katherine Chancellor’s true love — sorry, Murphy — is a particularly curious case of a daytimer who was once in contention for an Oscar. Not only did he earn his nomination the year before he lathered up for the first time, but he did so not in an acting category but in Best Original Screenplay.

To see what classic film Redeker had a hand in bringing to life, all you have to do is click on the photo gallery below. In it, you will also find nine of his Oscar-caliber peers, among them an As the World Turns ingenue whose first big role was actually two parts, a hottie from The Doctors who now regularly proves that laughter is the best medicine, a Search for Tomorrow grad who once saw a light over at the Frankenstein place, and a Santa Barbara scene stealer who once went beyond award nominations to become, er, king of the world.

Ready? Let’s get a gander at those Oscar-caliber soap stars already! And when you’re done, check out some major movie stars that we’ll bet you’ve totally forgotten got their starts in daytime.