soaps best recasts all time ranked
Credit: Images: Howard Wise/JPI (2), ABC (2), John Paschal/JPI

Getting it right once is hard; twice? Nearly impossible!

Today is a day that lives in infamy in the minds of diehard soap fans: It marks the anniversary of Victoria Wyndham’s 1972 debut as Rachel Davis on NBC’s still-much-missed Another World.

“What’s the big deal about that?” you ask. “She was Rachel — beginning, middle and end of story.” Oh no, dear readers, Wyndham wasn’t the only Rachel; she was but the character’s second, longest and final chapter. Ask your grandma. Before her, Robin Strasser (who’d go on to make One Life to Live’s Dorian Lord her signature role) had played the part of the upwardly-mobile schemer. And she’d been at least as popular a pot stirrer as, say, Michelle Stafford as The Young and the Restless’ Phyllis Summers or General Hospital’s Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos.

In other words, it was a big, big deal that Another World viewers not only accepted Wyndham as the vixen that they loved to hate but embraced her. In the decades that have followed, a choice few actors have pulled off the same sort of feat. Among them are a Days of our Lives heartthrob who was such a successful recast that he was ultimately given a new part of his own, a leading lady from The Young and the Restless who’s made us completely forget that anyone else walked a mile in her character’s stilettos, and a Casanova from The Bold and the Beautiful who’s given his alter ego a defining characteristic beyond the way he fills out a pair of Speedos.

Want to see who picked as daytime’s 20 best recasts ever? Just click on the photo gallery below, then hit the comments with your picks for the replacements to whom no one, even their predecessors, can hold a candle!