best worst soap operas first six months 2020
Credit: Images: XJ Johnson/JPI, ABC, Howard Wise/JPI (2)

A little more than halfway into the year, evaluates what’s hit — and (ruh-roh) what’s missed.

Daytime TV is a lot like life: You throw some stuff at the wall and see what sticks. And, at each year’s midpoint, some website — in this case,, your experts in all things sudsy — evaluates what’s worked and… erm, what still needs work. Maybe even a lot of work. (What? That doesn’t happen in your life? Interesting. Can we, um, be your friend? But we digress… )

In the photo gallery below, you’ll find our picks for 2020’s best and worst — so far. The jury is still out on what we’ll choose as the year’s ultimate successes and failures. So the storylines that we loathe and the couples that we love could yet change before the ball drops on December 31. In the meantime, however, these are our picks for soapdom’s hits and misses.

Singled out among our high and low points are a Days of our Lives duo that’s truly, ahem, killer, a pair of nemeses that make The Young and the Restless seem dazed and confused, a slap on The Bold and the Beautiful that was heard — and damn near felt! — around the world, and a General Hospital supercouple that is probably ready to take the “super” out of their couple designation.

You won’t agree with all of our picks. We know this as well as we know our own names (and all of John Black’s aliases!). But that’s alright. Part of the fun of daytime is the drama that we let it create for ourselves. So, after you peruse the photos in the gallery below, by all means, hit the comments with your own picks for 2020’s best and worst so far.