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Credit: Images: Netflix, CBS, Fox, ABC

You don’t have to wait for daytime’s dramas to return to work yourself into a lather.

We know. It’s been rough not having all of our regular soaps on. We’re glad, of course, that Days of our Lives taped so far ahead that it still has new episodes to air. And the classics that The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital have broadcast have been delightful blasts from the past.

But let’s face it: We’re a greedy lot. We want more. We need more. We are suffering from a severe lack of lather in our lives. We don’t have to, however. Because thankfully, there are a whole bunch of primetime soaps that can be streamed, many of them in their entirety, right now.

In the photo gallery below, you’ll find 10 such series, ranging from the CW’s remix of Dynasty to CBS’ original-formula Dallas, from a Spanish sudser that’s set the Twitterverse on fire to the Tyler Perry show that’s so completely and totally bonkers, you sometimes have to watch it twice just to believe you’ve really seen what you think you have. (Spoiler alert: Yeah, you really did see what you think you did.)

To check out our ideas for the series with which you can get your soap fix till all four of our daytime dramas are back up and running, just click on the gallery below. Then hit the comments with any shows that you think we should have added to the list.

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