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An outcry from some that the award ceremony was “too political.”

On Friday night, CBS aired the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. It was the first time in five years the awards had been televised. Poor ratings over the years forced them to be aired on lesser networks, and then streaming over the internet and social media. Unfortunately due to the current climate and ban on large gatherings, the traditional format of the show was not able to be done. Instead, segments were pre-taped through internet video conferencing software and edited together ahead of time. In spite of this, the broadcast drew in 3.1 million viewers, up from the 900,000 when it was last broadcast on Pop.

Many of the stars, in their acceptance speeches, made note of the Black Lives Matter movement. This included Tamara Braun (Kim Nero, General Hospital), Bryton James (Devon Hamilton, Young & Restless), Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire Brady, Days of our Lives) and Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott, Young & Restless). There were also special segments, such as Young & Restless’ Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) discussing the late legendary singer/songwriter Aretha Franklin, who loved Young & Restless. James Reynolds (Abe Carver, Days of our Lives) also spoke about Al Freeman, Jr. who was the first African American to win a Daytime Emmy in 1979 for playing Captain Ed Hall on One Life to Live. The various hosts from The Talk also asked people to take the opportunity to be committed to change, to unlearn wrong ways of thinking, to listen and learn from different voices.

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For many viewers, posting on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, the show was too political. Some lost interest when it was clear to them that the stars were making the awards about something other than just the soaps. “Had to turn it off after the first two awards were given. Please, please stop making political speeches. We watch for entertainment, not to be lectured” one viewer noted. Some refused to watch live, choosing to DVR, so they could skip commercials and politics. However, that didn’t work for one viewer who wrote, “I DVR’d it and started to watch it this morning. First mention of anything political (which was pretty much the 1st award) and I deleted the whole thing. Award shows are no longer entertainment, they are political platforms for the rich and famous. I was hoping this one would be different. Sadly, it wasn’t.” Others continued to note the show was boring and just about politics, even turning it off because they were hoping to avoid the real world for some entertainment. “Less politics and more entertainment would have nice, but those days are over during ‘award shows'” a reader commented. “I don’t watch anymore, because it’s too political,” another wrote. Others even outright refused to watch because of the women of The Talk hosting, “I won’t be watching because of the hosts,” one fan wrote. In spite of the mentions of the Black Lives Matter movement, many fans were simply glad to see it televised again, and felt the new format kept the show moving much quicker than most award shows, which tend to drag on. Some even preferred this new format because of the quick pace. “It kept moving along good format,” was one comment. “The format worked. Pre-recorded acceptance speeches are a great idea,” was from another viewer.

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We want to educate, to point out that the Black Lives Matter is a human rights issue, not a political one. We think award ceremonies are a perfect place to talk about such issues. Daytime dramas have long been a platform to speak about social injustices, whether it’s about race, gender, sexuality or something else. They’ve never shied away from drawing on inspiration on what is going on in the world around them. The actors themselves are also human, having many of their own experiences, and using their voice and platform to speak out and educate people. Join the conversation below with your thoughts on this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards, and then subscribe to Soaps.com’s newsletter to get all the latest news delivered to your email. Also be sure to browse out Daytime Emmy Award winners gallery below.