Out and Proud Soap Stars
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson, John Paschal/JPI

Celebrating out soap opera actors and actresses for Pride Month.

In honor of Pride Month, we recently wrote about the top LGBTQ+ soap characters on daytime. From Sonny and Will’s romance and Will coming to terms with his sexual orientation on Days of our Lives, to Maya admitting to Rick she was transgender on Bold & Beautiful, we touched on the various groundbreaking storylines on soap operas over the years. Some of the actors and actresses playing these iconic roles were straight, some were out and gay at the time, and others came out later on. No matter at what age one does it, coming out is a brave step and we salute these stars.

June 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of annual LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations around the country. The first Pride March in New York City was held on June 28, 1970, one year after the Stonewall Uprising, to honor the thousands of LGBTQ+ people who took to the streets to demonstrate against the discrimination they faced in housing and employment, the anti-homosexual laws against gathering in bars or dance clubs, to even be out as a homosexual. The concept behind the initial march came from members of the Eastern Regional Conference of Homophile Organizations who had been organizing an annual July 4th demonstration known as the Reminder Day Pickets, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, between 1965 and 1969.

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Today Pride is a movement that celebrates sexual diversity. For LGBTWQ+ people it is still a way of peacefully protesting discrimination and violence against the community. It seeks to promote LGBTQ+ dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation, and is a way of increasing society’s awareness of the issues they face. It is also about having pride in who you are, instead of feeling shame. As Pride Month begins to come to a close, browse our gallery of out and proud current and former soap opera stars below, and then sign up for Soaps.com’s newsletter to receive the latest scoops in your inbox.