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From “Deadpool” to “God” — they’ve all got suds in their veins!

Everybody and their mother knows that Oscar winner Julianne Moore once made As the World Turns viewers see double as Frannie and Sabrina Hughes; that Magic Mike eye candy Matt Bomer used to slay (literally) as Guiding Light lady killer Ben Reade; and that long before he ever chased The Fugitive, Tommy Lee Jones pursued One Life to Live’s Dorian Lord as Dr. Mark Toland. But…

Yes, you knew there was a “but” coming; there always is. But, did you know that Black Panther leading man Chadwick Boseman also did daytime television? That eons ago, Elizabeth Banks gave a performance on All My Children that could only be described as, ahem, pitch-perfect? That even silver-screen sex symbol Ryan Reynolds has a soap opera in his past (though he would really just as soon you didn’t bring it up ever again)?

Well, it’s true. And, to prove it, Soaps.com has compiled a list of 10 megastars that we’re willing to bet you’ve totally forgotten ever lathered up. Among them are not only the aforementioned A-listers but a legendary recording artist, a second-generation Hollywood sweetheart, a former Disney moppet who now appears more often in tabloids than movies, and God. Well, at least the God from Bruce Almighty and its sequel.

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