justin hartley real life soap couple breakup divorce
Credit: Images: Jill Johnson/JPI, Lisa Rose/JPI (2), John Paschal/JPI

“Doing a split” never hurt so bad.

Still reeling from the news of Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause’s split after two years of marriage? Yeah, we feel you. It can be as easy to get attached to a real-life soap opera couple as it is to get hooked on an on-screen one. In fact, there are a few breakups from years past that we’re not over even now, after all this time.

The actors in question have moved on, as anyone would, and happily so. But we remain haunted by “What ifs… ” and visions of what could have been. These couples were, after all, the ideal: stars as beautiful as they are brilliant, and given their occupations, theoretically experts on love, whether in the afternoon or any other time of day.

In hopes of getting closure — or maybe we’re just wallowing — Soaps.com is redoing the splits, so to speak, with eight twosomes that, once upon a time, we were sure would go the distance. Among them is a General Hospital supercouple whose romance we watched blossom on the show, a Days of our Lives duo that became castmates again after their divorce, a pair of Passions playthings whose chemistry the soap saw first, and two As the World Turns alumni who called it quits after almost a quarter of a century together.

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