slaps composite
Credit: Images: Aaron Montgomery/JPI (2), Howard Wise/JPI, Jill Johnson/JPI

Will Smith’s got nothin’ on soapdom’s pugilists!

Illicit affairs and evil twins. Love triangles and baby swaps. Shocking deaths and even more shocking resurrections. Yep, soaps are known for a lotta things, but high on our list of favorites is — are you ready to be hit with it? — that’s right, the slap.

A good smack upside the head is as much a part of daytime television as the faraway gaze at the end of a scene or the strategic placement of the sheets during a bedroom romp. A sock to the jaw is, oftentimes, as significant as a first kiss. And today, we here at are putting our hands together to applaud the genre’s heaviest hitters: Ten slap-happy characters who couldn’t pull a punch if they tried.

In one corner, you’ll find The Bold and the Beautiful’s infamous queen of mean, Stephanie Forrester, whose mitts saw so much action in her lifetime, they had to be registered with the LAPD as lethal weapons. In another, you’ll find General Hospital’s Sam McCall, whose right hook has been known to make people duck anytime she says, “I’ve gotta hand it to you.”

You’ll also find in our “punch-drunk” countdown impressive amateur brawlers from The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives. But which of them managed to knock out the competition, so to speak, to take the No. 1 spot in our top ten countdown?

To find out, you’ll just have to step into the ring click on the photo gallery below and scroll through the pictures.