Lisa Howard as Days' April (NBC)

All My Children

Carol asks: Did Emma (Ryan’s daughter) have a part in Marley & Me movie? Good eye, Carol, yes, Lucy Merriam played Colleen on “Marley and Me.”

As The World Turns

Kendra C. asks: Can you please tell me why Damian calls Lily ”Cara.” Thank you! “Cara” is an Italian term of endearment meaning ‘dear one’ or ‘beloved’.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Robin B. asks: I have yet to figure out what happened to the Rick and Steffy romance over the summer. I went back to work in August, 2009 and could never figure out if and why they broke up. Well, Robin, it was a pretty nasty mess. Ridge ended up taping Rick during one of his antagonizing rants about how Rick was ‘taking care’ of Ridge’s daughter, basically using Steffy to make Ridge furious. Ridge played the tape for Steffy, and after a brief break-up they tried to work things out but the relationship ended up going by the wayside. You can read the recap from when it all began to come to an end in our Bold and the Beautiful Update Archives. You can also read what happened in each episode, to Steffy, by reading her own daily updates archive.