Days of Our Lives Maggie Victor hold hands
Credit: Image: XJ Johnson/JPI

Trauma has done this pair of Salem vets a world of good! 

It’s been a rough few weeks for Days of our Lives’ Victor and Maggie. She was locked behind bars, weeping about her supposed role in Adrienne’s death, while he was stabbed by Kristen for his all-too-real role in Rachel’s kidnapping. Just when it looked like things couldn’t get worse, a despondent Maggie tried to kill herself!

Meanwhile, over on General Hospital, Monica…hmm. Anybody seen Monica? Maybe check the nursery, because she seems to spend a lot of time babysitting Sam and Jason’s kids. Or maybe she’s somewhere off-camera playing cards with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Eric, who’s largely been reduced to refereeing squabbles between Quinn and Brooke of late.

For years now, soaps have been pursuing that all-important youth demographic, often pushing older characters aside or even off the canvas in their efforts to do so. Apparently, they forget just how much viewers of all ages loved, for example, Y&R’s Katherine, All My Children’s Phoebe and GH’s Edward.

The same can not be said, however, of Days. Not only are Maggie and her favorite “old coot” driving big story, but Julie still butts heads with young nemesis Gabi, and we even get the occasionally crooning of a tune from Doug.

Thankfully, life in Salem — as in the real world — continues to be a multigenerational affair. The older residents aren’t relegated to holiday visits or self-contained scenes in which they do nothing but talk about what other characters are up to. Rather, headwriter Ron Carlivati makes sure they are a vital, vibrant part of the community, and we are eternally grateful for that.

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