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The residents of Middleton have their hands full in Sunday’s all-new magical episode.

Last week’s Good Witch episode revealed shocking secrets amid a tension-filled chili cook-off. has 7 teasers to get viewers ready for what’s to come in the Sunday May 17 new episode titled The Clock, set to get underway at 9:00 PM on the Hallmark Channel. It looks as though it’ll be a busy time in Middleton for Cassie (Catherine Bell), Abigail (Sarah Power), Joy (Katherine Barrell), Martha (Catherine Disher), Sam (James Denton), Stephanie (Kylee Evans), Wes (Sandy Jobin-Bevans), Adam (Scott Cavalheiro), Donovan (Marc Bendavid) and George (Peter MacNeill)…


Cassie and Abigail take some time out to accompany Joy to an estate sale as she makes plans for the renovation at Martha mayor’s mansion. It isn’t long before Cassie realizes that her new guest at Grey House has some very big lessons to learn.

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Martha begins to work on writing her memoirs but the details don’t come easy. She soon discovers how hard it is to translate her exciting life into a page-turning book.


Sam helps one of his patients and in the process finds out just how many benefits there are to having a therapy dog.


Stephanie’s ex-husband Wes pays her an unexpected visit – one that leaves Adam filled with sparks of jealousy.

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Donovan needs some help writing a speech. Though Abigail takes a shot at laying out the details for him, she struggles to remember their song.


George reunites with an old army friend. While catching up, the man faces a decision when George makes him an extraordinary and lifesaving offer.


A special gift from Cassie brings new meaning to an unforeseen reunion between two of Sam’s patients.

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