Soap characters to be stranded with on desert island
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Drinks, friendship, survival, and eye-candy. asked our Facebook followers for their picks on top soap opera characters to be stranded with on a desert island. Their reasons ranged from the practical to the shallow, which we’ve highlighted below.

Tad Martin

Tad Martin on AMC

Susan B.’s choice is Tad Martin from All My Children because he’s “Cute, sexy and very funny,” but she’s also hoping he can hunt down some food.

James Stenbeck

James Stenbeck on ATWT

Lynne S. is going way back in the soap opera vault to suggest As the World Turns’ James Stenbeck – “He survived everything!”

John Black

John gets married on Days

For purely shallow eye-candy reasons, Lyne M. nominates Days of our Lives’ “handsome sliver fox” John Black.

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Jason Morgan

jason meets up with sam general hospital

Leslie R. went with Port Charles’ Jason Morgan because, “He would not only make sure I survive but find a way off the island too. (Not that we would need to hurry).”

Brook Lynn Quartermaine

Ned checks on Brook Lynn on her first day at ELQ on General Hospital

Cynthia S. wants to be stranded with General Hospital’s Brook Lynn Quartermaine because, “She is bad ass. We could party and sing together … and of course we would have piña coladas together.”

Luke Spencer

Luke Spencer on GH

Nicole H. thinks this General Hospital character is the best choice musing, “If we are talking survival, it’s gonna be Luke Spencer. Hands down!”

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Victoria Lord

viki mom one life to live

Trisha W. is bringing Victoria Lord from One Life to Live – “With all her personalities, it’ll be like there’s a group of us.”

Todd Manning

Todd Manning on OLTL

Erika D. suggests One Life to Live’s Todd Manning – “He’s such an odd duck and hilarious.”

Traci Abbott

Traci Abbott on YR

Vicki L.’s pick is Traci Abbott on Young and Restless, offering, “She’s so nice. Men don’t last. Friends are forever.”

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Victor Newman

Victor Newman leather jacket Young and Restless

Pendy Lee thinks Young and Restless’ Victor Newman is the obvious choice because, “He has enough resources for us to be rescued.”

Malcolm Winters

Malcolm Winters on Y&R

Joanne C. wants to be stranded with The Young and the Restless’ “Malcolm ‘fine as wine’ Winters.”

There are also shouts out for the easy on the eyes Bill Spencer from The Bold and the Beautiful, Dante Falconeri and Julian Jerome from General Hospital, John McBain from One Life to Live, Nick Newman from The Young and the Restless, and many others. But which soap opera characters are you choosing to get stranded on a deserted island with for any reason? Tell below!

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