Cassie judges the Middleton Cook-off on Good Witch
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Tensions rise and deals are made during the Middleton chili cook-off.

The second episode of the sixth season of Good Witch premiered on The Hallmark Channel on Sunday May 10. has the recap below, as well as the previous Good Witch premiere episode recap. The show stars Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale, James Denton as Sam Radford, Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale and Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing.

Rivalries arise at Middletons chili cook-off

At Grey House, George is in the kitchen working on his secret chili recipe when Abigail arrives. Sam with a signed Chris Button baseball bat, swings it, and declares nobody will top his chili and its secret ingredient arriving today.

The Middleton cook-off on Good Witch
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At The Bistro Café, Tom is annoyed with Martha because the Middleton footbridge has still not been widened, which she promised to do when she took over as mayor. Martha is more concerned with convincing Stephanie to name a sandwich after her. Stephanie however is focused on winning Stevie Nicks tickets from a radio contest, only to learn Abigail got the last two. Cassie arrives to meet Abigail, who says her father is bringing his girlfriend for her to meet. Meanwhile Stephanie’s friend Susan and her daughter Presley stop in. Susan is going to be out of town for the big cook-off, so Stephanie asks Presley to be on her team.

Stephanie and helpers cook on Good Witch

At Grey House, Abigail welcomes her father Arthur and his girlfriend Josie. Later, Joy reveals she wants to plant a tree in her mother’s memory.

At The Bistro Café, Sam finds Adam working on his chili and lets him know he’s bringing the heat. Sam gets a text and his star ingredient won’t arrive in time.

Martha finds her husband Tom on the street campaign to run against her as mayor. She’s furious, but he reminds her of the footbridge.

At Grey House, Cassie finds Sam searching for his missing ingredient in her cupboards. She suggests he try Martha’s kitchen. He assumes she also wants to win, but Cassie thinks there is something she wants more.

At the café, Stephanie works with Presley on her secret chili recipe as does Adam on his. Stephanie ends up sneaking a test at Adam’s, and then warns him he’s confused sugar with salt.

Stephanie cooking in the kitchen on Good Witch

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Cassie and Joy dig a hole to plant her tree at Grey House. In doing so they discover a time capsule Grace buried when she was seven. Cassie decides to put in it the sunroom for safekeeping.

Striking deals

As Martha organizes everything at the fairgrounds for the chili festival, Sam asks her if he can peek into her legendary spice closet. She agrees if he can convince Stephanie to name a sandwich after her.

At Abigail’s flower shop, her father asks his daughter to join him and Josie for dinner. She accepts.

At the café, Sam tries to convince Stephanie to name Martha’s favorite sandwich after her. Stephanie will agree if he can get Abby to hand over her Stevie Nicks tickets.

Sam stops by Abigail’s shop, and she refuses to hand over her Stevie Nick’s tickets unless Sam offers his Collin Button baseball bat, which Donovan would love.

Abigail, Donovan, her father Arthur and Josie have dinner. They share stories of how they met. Abigail brings up the curse, which is why Donovan’s mom doesn’t approve of their relationship, along with her father’s stint in prison, which is news to Josie.

Joy sneaks into the sunroom at Grey House to open Grace’s time capsule. She snapshots the family tree inside with her phone and places it back in the tin. Cassie arrives and notices a roll of film next to the capsule, which she thinks should probably be in the capsule. Joy wonders where to even get film developed these days. Cassie says George happens to have a dark room.

Arthur drops by Abigail’s to see her. She is sorry she revealed his secret, but he should have told her himself. Arthur reveals Josie isn’t speaking to him.

The morning of the cook-off, Sam lets Martha know she’s got her name on the Bistro menu, so she gives him the key to her spice cabinet. Unfortunately, she lacks the paradise pepper, which is the ingredient Sam needed.

The men of middleton at the cook off on Good Witch

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The mysterious roll of film

At Grey House, Joy asks George to develop a roll of film, which he agrees, only if she stirs his chili for the next two hours. She accepts and winces when she tastes how hot it is.

Martha stops in Cassie’s shop to vent about Tom’s intention on widening the footbridge. She suggests Martha meet him in the middle.

At Grey House, George shows the photos to Joy and Cassie. They are old black and white photos of a family vacation Cassie took with her parents. Cassie believes the film must have been left in the tin box, which belonged to her mother, and she gave to Grace for the time capsule. George reveals one photo was overexposed and he couldn’t get it to turn out. Cassie asks if he can try again.

Martha finds Tom at the bridge and they take a trip down memory lane. It’s special to them from when they were dating and she hates the idea of the bridge being changed.

Sam finds Joy working in the gardens at Grey House, and he vents about not having any paradise peppers. She points to some growing in the garden. Later Abigail stops by. Arthur reveals he came to visit to get Abigail’s blessing to marry Josie. A flustered Josie walks in and says she’s not upset he has a past, but that he hid it. They hug, and Abby provides a twist tie for her father to propose. Josie accepts.

A winner and secrets revealed

At the cook-off, Martha reveals to Tom that she convinced a local farmer to sell some of his land for a new bridge so the footbridge can remain. Thrilled, Tom agrees to drop out of the race. The judging begins, and George is the unanimous winner for bringing some sweet with the heat and realizes he had some help. In private George asks Joy what she added. It was sweet potato powder.

Joy Harper at the cook-off on Good Witch

Later at Grey House, Cassie rewards Sam by returning his bat.

In the darkroom, George, Cassie and Joy develop the final photo. It’s of Cassie and her second cousin Julia. Joy reveals Julia is her mother.

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