Sam, Cassie and Martha discover a new mystery on The Good Witch
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An anniversary, a new mystery, and a curious newcomer.

The sixth season of Good Witch premiered on The Hallmark Channel on Sunday May 3. has the first season episode recap, which stars Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale, James Denton as Sam Radford, Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale and Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing.

The anniversary

At Grey House, Cassie and Sam are celebrating their first anniversary. Over breakfast, Cassie gives Sam his gift, a framed handwritten Beatles lyric sheet signed by Paul McCartney for their paper anniversary. He’s stunned but loves it.

Martha stops by Abigail’s flower shop to buy flowers for her new home, the historic Roderick Davenport house which she plans to transform into the new mayor’s mansion. Abigail is stunned because it was Rodrick’s curse on the Davenports and Merriwicks after his fiancé Patience Merriwick ran off with William Spry that has been giving her and Donovan so many troubles.

Cassie shows her latest guest Joy Harper to her room in Grey House. Joy is in town to get a job, which she doesn’t want to discuss out of fear of jinxing it. One alone, Joy looks at a piece of paper with details of Cassie’s family jotted down.

A new missing gem

In the mayor’s office, Martha invites Sam and Cassie to help unravel a new mystery. She’s discovered the historic Middleton music box has three secret drawers. One contains a giant emerald, the Heart of Middleton, a ruby, fits into the second drawer, and Sam notes the third appears to be a diamond that’s missing.

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The Heart of Middleton and Music Box

Abigail drops by Donovan’s office with Chinese food. They open their fortune cookies, and both have the same fortune, that their hearts will break and they will keep living one terrible day after another. Abigail worries about the curse.

In their food truck, Stephanie argues with her new business partner, food blogger Lisa, over her desire to cut corners and use cheaper bread.

Back at Grey House, Cassie finds Joy taking photos of the interior. As they talk, Joy secretly records their conversation on her phone.

Joy Harper snoops around Grey House on The Good Witch

At the Davenport House, Martha learns that her old rival Dottie Davenport is also trying to buy the home. The seller, Mr. Vandercleef, says they both have until tomorrow to convince him who to sell it to.

At Bell, Book & Candle, Stephanie complains to Cassie about her new partner wanting to change things. Cassie suggests she give her way a try.

At the hospital, Sam tells Adam the gift he got for Cassie, a bracelet, isn’t special enough.

The mysterious Joy

Abigail stops by Cassie’s shop. Cassie is looking through a collection of Victor Hugo novels from an estate sale and realizes one is a twenty-year overdue library book. When Abigail remembers she has an overdue book, Cassie suggests she return it.

At Stephanie’s food truck, she tells Lisa that she’s going to give her ideas a try for a week and see what works and what doesn’t.

Joy stops by Abigail’s shop to buy some chocolates and starts the voice recorder on her phone as she talks to Abigail.

Sam goes to the jeweler to try and find a better gift for Cassie but hasn’t a clue what to get her.

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Joy stops by the mayor’s office and introduces herself to Martha as the woman who will renovate her new home. Martha explains the house isn’t just hers yet and she’s involved in a bidding war.

Abigail heads to the library to return one of her own overdue library books and finds Donovan trying to find a copy of Great Expectations, which showed up when he searched about matching fortunes. Abigail has the copy, and when Donavan examines it, he finds the Davenport crest stamped in the book.

Donovan discovers his family crest in a book on The Good Witch

Sam and Cassie welcome Nick home for a visit. Cassie can tell he’s happy and realizes he has a girlfriend. Nick admits he does and her name is Stella.

Roderick’s Library

Donovan and Abigail visit Donovan’s mother Dottie and Donovan inquires why their family crest is in the book. She guesses it came from Roderick’s private library.

At the food truck, Stephanie tries Joy’s changed Monte Cristo with Adam, and grimaces because it’s terrible.

Joy continues to look around Grey House when a book mysteriously falls out of a bookcase. It’s a handwritten journal, which she snatches. Abigail drops by to see Cassie. Abigail is suspicious of Joy, but Cassie is sure whatever she’s hiding she will tell them when she’s ready.

At the Davenport House, Martha meets with Joy and says they have an hour to figure out how to get Vandercleef to sell the house to her.

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At the food truck, there are no customers and Stephanie tells Lisa they need to talk about her changes.

At Grey House, Nick asks his dad what he got Cassie for his anniversary. Sam sighs and admits he’s still working on it.

Back at the Davenport House, Donovan and Abigail locate Roderick’s library and place Great Expectations back on the shelf with the other Dickens books and it opens a secret door. They find it leads to a private study, which Joy and Martha got trapped in thanks to another secret door in the pantry. Vandercleef arrives with Dottie, and marvels at the secret room and the precious contents within, including a rare violin. Vandercleef offers the house to Martha.

Rodrick Davenport's Secret Room on The Good Witch

A twist to the curse

Lisa stops by Cassie’s shop looking for some advice on her blunder.

At the Davenport House, Donovan finds a letter Roderick was writing to Patience in his old desk. It reads, “If true love shall break the heart, the curse is sealed and shan’t depart.”

Sam and Cassie head to the Lake House for their anniversary night.

Lisa meets with Stephanie at a local restaurant and has decided to stick to writing about food instead of selling it. Lisa asks Stephanie to buy her out of the business, which she agrees to.

Back in the mayor’s office, Martha shows the music box to Donovan and Abigail and they find the ruby heart is partially cracked. Martha warns if the ruby cracks fully then the curse is permanent.

The Heart of Middleton Cracks on The Good Witch

In Grey House, Joy listens to a conversation she recorded of Cassie as she searches through the journal.

Outside of the Lake House, Sam surprises Cassie with paper lanterns for their paper anniversary. Cassie says it’s perfect. They launch them and kiss.

Sam and Cassie launch paper lanterns on The Good Witch

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