Roe and Nick at the party aurora teagarden mysteries inheritance to die for
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Delightful drama, a murder mystery, and love tied up in this 11th installment of the Hallmark mystery.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave! That’s exactly the storyline in the eleventh movie of the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel series, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. Aurora (Candace Cameron Bure) has to sort out a messy family dynamic and final will and testament in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: An Inheritance to Die For. provides a synopsis, much like our previous with the exciting Aurora Teagarden Mystery A Game of Cat and Mouse.

Roe’s best friend, Sally Allison (Lexa Doig), has the family drama. Her aunt, Gladys Allison-McCourt (Karen Kruper) is poisoned and dies at Lizzie Allison (Julia Benson) and Bubba Rankart’s (Dave Collette) wedding. That sure makes for a memorable evening, but it’s the reading of the will that gets everyone in a kerfuffle.david, roe at party aurora teagarden mysteries inheritance to die for

Instead of Gladys leaving her company and a majority of her fortune to her son, Cade McCourt (Preston Vanderslice), she puts Aida Teagarden (Marilu Henner) in charge of Allicourt Industries and leaves her a large part of her estate. That’s when the chaos ensues. Who killed Gladys and why did she change her will a year before she passed away?

For as quaint of a town Lawrenceton, Georgia is, it is filled with shady characters. Roe and her Real Murders Club team, along with Police Captain Lynn Smith (Miranda Frigon) and Detective Arthur Smith (Peter Benson), have to sort through their long list of suspects.

This time around, the possibilities range from family members to employees of Gladys. Everyone wants a piece of the Allicourt Industries pie.

• Tannis Clemmons (Alison Araya): Gladys caretaker and the person who handed her the tainted champagne that killed her. She’s also studying to be a nurse and is taking a chemistry class this semester.

• Victor Hansen (Michael David Simms): The former CEO of Allicourt Industries, who is very helpful to the investigation. He knows all of the company’s secrets, including who embezzled over a million dollars. Even though it wasn’t him, he took the blame.

• Jeremy Connor (Jason McKinnon): Gladys’ former chef left to pursue his dreams of owning a catering company, but he also is undergoing a divorce and has major gambling debts. Gladys gifted him with $500,000 in her will. Is his food that good?

• Cade McCourt: Cade is a fellow with a temper and he loves money. When he doesn’t get the large inheritance from his mother, he runs around town huffing and puffing at anyone who will listen to him. Just a thought… maybe he shouldn’t have embezzled that money from Allicourt Industries?

Roe has her work cut out for her, but it certainly helps that Nick— aka Professor Nick— is joining the Real Murders Club. He’s ready to take the relationship to the next level, but Roe is hesitant. After all they went through in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Game of Cat and Mouse, you would think she would be all in, but she has second thoughts.roe looks over shoulder aurora teagarden mysteries inheritance to die for

[Now here is where the spoilers go, so you know the drill. You’ve been warned.]

Tannis is eliminated quickly because she really is studying to be a nurse and her chemistry class was for her major, not to kill her employer. She might have been a little greedy in wanting more money, but she admits her disappointment and accepts the $50,000.

Cade gets arrested for poisoning his mother, but that leaves plenty of time for the real murderer to run around and cause more chaos. Cade might be a spoiled brat, but he really did love his mother and her money.

That leaves Victor and Jeremy, who are in this mess together. Roe and Professor Nick discover that there was a typo in the will and Jeremy will only receive $50,000, not $500,000. After our dynamic duo tells the chef the bad news, he drops dead in the storeroom at his catering company. Oh, Victor.arthur, lynn investigating aurora teagarden mysteries inheritance to die for

Victor didn’t embezzle the money from Allicourt Industries, Cade did, but he has some hurt feelings. After wrongly being ousted as CEO, he felt his whole life fell apart and he was going to make sure Gladys paid for that.

He knew Jeremy had some debts to pay and loaned him money, so he forced him to put the poison in Gladys’ drink. He even had Jeremy stage a hit-and-run accident with Roe, Professor Nick and Victor. Conveniently, only Victor was nicked with the car.

Victor and his feelings then take Aida, Roe and Cade hostage because he really wants his CEO job back. Although, this probably isn’t the way to do it, Victor. Cade gets a bullet in the shoulder and Victor goes down, thanks to a swift action-hero move with a fire extinguisher by Roe and a push of a utility shelf by Professor Nick.

Cade is whiny because he’s going to jail for two years for embezzlement, but Roe and Professor Nick are officially in L-O-V-E after solving the case. There’s nothing like a Real Murders Club mystery to bring a couple together.aida nick talk murder aurora teagarden mysteries inheritance to die for