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For anyone still missing the show, this will be a treat of epic proportions.

As The World Turns aired their last episode September 17, 2010. It hasn’t been easy to let go of this CBS soap. Many fans have since asked for a reboot and some still watch old episodes on YouTube. After asking for some kind of reunion to take place, fans were excited to hear that Alan Locher, the show’s publicist from 2003 – 2004 was gathering a few cast members for a chat. had the pleasure of seeing Michael Park (Jack Snyder), General Hospital’s Maura West (Carly Snyder), Kelley Menighan (Emily Stewart), Don Hastings (Dr. Bob Hughes) and Martha Byrne (Lily Walsh Snyder) along with a special appearance by their dogs and Scott De Freitas (Andy Dixon) walk down memory lane. They discussed their time working together to what they’re up to now.

Some highlights include the discussion on their first day on the job. Maura West, drinking a Corona from her pool, said she had never been on TV before and didn’t know what she was doing. It didn’t take long for her to catch on though she says she’s as nervous each day on set as she was that first day.

Martha Byrne worked with Liz Hubbard on her first day and told a story of Hubbard making her laugh, which worried her since she was used to a film background where you stick to your lines and don’t cause trouble. Byrne says if it wasn’t for Hubbard taking her out of her comfort zone, her career would have been over. When she brought up working with Brian Bloom (Dusty Donovan), West fanned herself (at how handsome he is) and Park laughed and said, “I get lost in those eyes.”

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Kelly Menighan appeared late to the streaming chat. She vaguely remembered her first day on As The World Turns but did recall the second day being forced to wear a bathing suit. That drew laughter as she admitted she hated it and told the cameraman not to focus on a certain part of her body she wasn’t comfortable with.

Martha Byrne let viewers know that Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh) wasn’t ready to do this. They also couldn’t get a hold of Marie Masters (Dr. Susan Stewart) and Byrne joked that her husband’s a PI and could find Susan no trouble. When asked about Kathryn Hayes (Kim Hughes), Don Hastings said she bought a house in Illinois and moved there from Bridgeport Connecticut. Hastings also mentioned that he meets with ‘Dr. John’ Dixon (Larry Bryggman) once a month.

Maura West admitted that she uses the dishes from the set of the farm daily, and to prove that her “hot prop guy,” husband Scott De Freitas gave her a plate to show the viewers.

Don Hastings, who has been living on a farm, surprised everyone by admitting that he had two offers to practice real medicine, even though he only played a doctor on TV. “I had to turn them down though. I was too busy,” he joked.

Tune in below for the rest of the chat. The end is very touching. Stay tuned. Alan Locher teased that there may be another chat coming.

Video: As The World Turns/YouTube

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