Michaela and her lawyer on HTGAWM
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Michaela and Connor are offered deals while Annalise goes on the run. 

How to Get Away With Murder returned from its mid-season hiatus with season 6 episode 10’s We’re Not Getting Away With It. Soaps.com has the recap of the episode that picks up with Michaela and Connor facing charges for seasons worth of crimes, as well as the murder of their friend turned FBI informant Asher. Meanwhile, Oliver makes a desperate move to save his husband and Annalise’s life on the run hits a snag.

Bonnie and Frank meet at Annalise’s place and see that her safe has been emptied. Bonnie deduces she left, but Frank suggests Xavier Castillo staged it to look like she ran just like he did with Laurel. Bonnie gets a call from a frantic Oliver who is at the police station. He’s looking for Annalise who hasn’t answered his calls. He relays Connor and Michaela were arrested for Asher’s murder. While on the phone, Conner’s mother, Pam, approaches Oliver. He hangs up and tries to calm her down. Pam screams for Oliver to fix things and then walks away to call her ex-husband. Frank enters to get Oliver, but Oliver freaks out, confesses to murdering Asher and demands to be arrested. Meanwhile, Michaela and Connor are placed in separate interrogation rooms. Connor has a panic attack and falls to the floor. When he settles down he asks to be taken to the hospital, but he’s denied.

While waiting for Tegan in the law offices, Bonnie gets a call from Frank telling her Oliver is getting booked. After hanging up, Bonnie informs Tegan about Asher. She also asks if she helped Annalise disappear just like she did Laurel. Tegan insists she didn’t, explaining she only helped Laurel because she was being blackmailed. But, who told her, Tegan wonders.

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Gabriel at the bail hearing on HTGAWM

A flashback reveals Asher showing up at Bonnie’s place after Oliver hit him with the fireplace poker. Asher tells her about Tegan helping Laurel and then brings up their various crimes. Bonnie realizes he’s recording her and calls Frank. Frank arrives and takes a nervous Asher home, where Asher tries but fails to record Frank incriminating himself. While there, Frank discreetly searches his bathroom and finds something hidden under the sink. After Frank leaves, a desperate Asher tries to get a hold of the Feds, but only receives voicemail. He throws his phone in frustration, thereby destroying it. He goes to Gabriel’s place, as Gabriel listens to a recording on his own phone of Frank admitting to killing Sam and threatening Gabriel. When Gabriel answers the door, Asher urgently ask Gabriel to give him his phone. Gabriel says no, so Asher offers him the check he won in Annalise’s class made out for $64,000.

Back in present time, the FBI agents question Gabriel in his apartment. He insists he came right home after their meeting the prior night. He didn’t even hear a struggle or voices outside his door. The Feds think it’s fishy considering Asher died in his hallway. Later, Gabriel looks at an online article about Asher’s murder while holding Asher’s check.

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At a joint bail hearing, Michaela is represented by a lawyer her father hired, Connor’s parents hired him one as well and Bonnie shows up for Oliver. The Assistant U.S. States Attorney plays a voicemail of Asher frantically telling the Feds his friends knew he was the informant. It goes to motive, plus Michaela’s and Connor’s fingerprints are on the poker. The judge denies bail for Michaela and Connor but doesn’t feel there’s enough evidence against Oliver and dismisses his charges.

After the hearing, the Feds meet individually with Connor and Michaela and layout the long list of crimes they’re being charged with – all the way back to Sam’s death. But the Feds are really after Annalise so the law students are offered five years if they admit to the crimes they’re accused of while testifying against her at trial. Otherwise, they could face life in prison. Michaela negotiates a better deal for herself while adding one stipulation – Connor gets the same protections even if he doesn’t sign his own deal. As Michaela walks out to her father in the hallway, she sees Connor. They tearfully embrace and Michaela learns Connor added the same stipulation about her to his deal.

Connor in court on HTGAWM

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Later that night, Frank tells Bonnie at home he heard from his guy at the police station that the charges against Connor and Michaela were dropped. They realize the kids took a deal. Bonnie asks if he killed Asher. Frank says he’s not that stupid.

In Mexico, Annalise takes off her wig and makeup and changes into very casual un-Annalise-like clothes in a dingy bathroom. She meets a woman at a café and follows her to a car. Annalise hesitates when she sees the driver. The woman warns if Annalise doesn’t go now, she’ll get caught. Annalise walks back into a crowd of people and watches as the car pulls out. Annalise is then surrounded by police and arrested.

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