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Jack’s visit to The Garden of Eden has Sam and Dean in shock.

Last week, recapped Supernatural season 15, episode 12 recap Galaxy Brain where Chuck began destroying all of the other universes he has created, while Jody’s calls Sam and Dean for help when a familiar face kidnapped her, and Jack opened the rift to find Kaia who was still alive. In episode 13, Sam and Dean come face to face with familiar faces and are closer than ever to killing God/Chuck.

Sam and Dean appear from an alternative universe at the bunker. Sam is quite fancier than our Sam. He and the other Dean do fist bumps, Sam wears scarves and has a man bun. And Dean drives a mint green Fiat…They disappear soon after and Sam and Dean tell Castiel. He’s baffled. Billie appears out of nowhere and says they were running from their reality. Billie’s ready to move on with the next phase in her plan to end God. Jack needs to find something called the Occultum which has been hidden for centuries. She’s vague. Sam checks the lore and they ponder if they’ll kill Amara as well when they find it. Later, Castiel learns from Sergei that the Occultum was sold years ago to a faith healer who healed a child once by laying her glowing hands on them. Sam and Dean shoot each other a knowing look.

Sam and Dean find the angel, Sister Jo (Danneel Ackles) at some hall to ask her for the Occultum to kill God. She laughs. Dean says God is pissed and is going to murder the world. She’s not on their side and she lies that she doesn’t have the Occultum. They bring the angel blades out and she quickly recants her story. She says the demon Ruby (Genevieve Cortese) had it and hid it in Hell for safekeeping.Sister Jo on supernatural

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Meanwhile, at the bunker, Jack samples all of the takeout food he’s never had before while asking Cass if Dean will ever forgive him for killing Mary. Cass says he may explode one day and let it out and then move on. But he’s not sure how long that’s going to take. Sam and Dean return. Castiel shows them the other Sam and Dean which are stuck between dimensions. They can’t see nor hear them and they discuss freeing them. Dean and Sam go to Hell to find Ruby. Once they’re gone through a rift, Jack reluctantly helps Castiel go to The Empty to find Ruby. Jack takes his grace and once in The Empty, Cass finds Meg, who is really The Empty. She has no fun with Cass and allows him to talk to Ruby. He asks her for the Occultum. He learns she stashed it. She’ll only help him find it if he gets her out of there. She whispers what to do…

In Hell, Sam and Dean are met with surprise from some guy who says Rowena is hosting a reception for newly condemned souls. This puzzles the guys. The man rolls his eyes. It’s new. He leads them to another room and with a few others, tries to kill them. Sam and Dean kill the demons except for the first one who admits this was on Jo. Sam offs the last one and they realize they were set up. They return to the bunker and Jack tells them Cass is dead for now and in The Empty. They’re surprised. As Jack explains things, Cass is told where the Occultum is. Meg’s about to force Cass to stay. She hurts him but when Cass gets his grace back, he comes back to life. The guys are pissed. He could have died permanently. Castiel brushes them off. He knows where to find the Occultum. Jack worries Chuck will check up on them and know what’s going on so they free the alternate Sam and Dean to take their places. Sam does a spell and the brothers appear. Later, the other Sam and Dean say they’re hunters. They try a beer and Sam says their dad only likes “private-label” scotch. Dean’s shocked their father is alive. The guys drink to the best dad ever while Sam turns his nose up at beer. They admit they’re rich and get paid for hunting, which shocks Sam. Sam and Dean fill them in on God smashing their world and how they need their help in saving this world. They leave not-Sam and not-Dean alone and head out. Once they’re gone, the alternate Dean finds a website called Busty Asian Beauties. He’s entranced. They realize that there’s no pressure here. All they have to do is watch cat videos and girly sites. They’ve got it made.

Sam, Dean, Jack, and Castiel find a church. They hear hellhounds and Dean furiously opens the church doors, slamming the hounds out. They find a ball inside of a sack under the floor and Cass reads it. It has to be inside you to find the Occultum. Jack eats the ball. His gut twists and everyone worries.

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Jack winds up in the Garden of Eden. He sees a young girl who realizes he’s not human. He tells her it’s a long story. (Jack’s the first and only known Nephilim to be sired by an Archangel.) She leaves him to come to his conclusion about what this place is about. A snake asks who he is and who he’s meant to be. Jack flashes to his loving times with his mother and Cas, Dean and Jack, and Mary’s death, and Lucifer not trusting him. Jack begins to cry.jack in eden supernatural

Jack returns to the church as the hellhounds bust in. They run away when Jack appears.

Later, back at the bunker, not-Sam and not-Dean want to stay. Dean says that’d be weird. They admit they drove Baby. Dean’s pissed. He sends them away.

The guys head to the kitchen. Jack’s crying. He’s so sorry. Dean’s surprised. Jack beats himself up for not understanding about Mary’s death. He blames himself. Cass explains that Jack’s soul is back. Jack begs Dean’s forgiveness.

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