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Exciting hunts, hot guys, soap opera stars, what’s there not to like?

Supernatural is a long-running dark fantasy series that came out in September 2005 on The CW. It has since moved to Netflix and stars Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, who originated the role of Eric Brady on Days of our Lives, and Jared Padalecki as his brother Sam. Padalecki is best known for his time on Gilmore Girls as Dean Forester, a role which ended as Supernatural began. Supernatural has the brothers Sam and Dean traveling across the United States searching for their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) while hunting paranormal predators, ghosts, demons, angels, witches, werewolves, zombies, skinwalkers, and other monsters along the way.

Incidentally, this is where Padalecki met his wife, Genevieve Cortese when she guest-starred as Ruby in the fourth season. Ackles’ wife, another soap alum, Danneel Harris (Shannon McBain, One Life to Live) also guest-starred on the show as Sister Jo in season 13, in addition, General Hospital’s James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) plays Dick Roman from 2011 to 2012, and General Hospital’s Matt Cohen (Dr. Griffin Munro) who played young John Winchester in three episodes from 2008 to 2015, had the chance to direct an episode before the show’s finale.

With all of us self-isolating and with this being the last half of the CW’s Supernatural’s season 15 return, decided to recap the remaining episodes, knowing this is a popular show for our readers due to it’s excitement, hot guys, and various soap alum. In this episode, Chuck/God decides to end all alternative worlds, a rescue goes off without a hitch, and Billie/Death reveals what’s in store for the Winchester brothers.

Four weeks ago on Earth 2

Chuck/God (Rob Benedict) lets himself into a Radio Shed store to use an employee as an audience to monologue to about the Winchester brothers. He rants about how Sam and Dean on Earth 1 challenge him like no other copies. They’re a thorn in his side, as much as they are his greatest creation. It’s time to clear the board of failed spin-offs. He’s going to get rid of all of the other worlds.chuck watches sam and dean supernatural cw

Sioux Falls – our world

Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) finds a dead cow on the side of the road when she receives a call from Alex who lets her know dinner is getting cold. Jodi’s grateful for the vegan lasagne coming, after seeing the dead cow. She says it’s human cruelty, not a monster. They disconnect and Jody sees a shadow in the barn behind her. She investigates and Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip) from the Bad Place jumps out at her.

At the bunker, Sam, Dean, and Castiel (Misha Collins) wonder how they’re supposed to trust Billie (Death) with Jack (Alexander Calvert). Sam finds him a liability considering he’s operating without a soul but Castiel has faith in Jack. Dean believes in Billie. She was right about Rowena and taking on God is the only plan they have. In his room, Jack prays to Billie and is shocked to see a reaper named Merle (Sandra Ferens) in her place. He needs help and says when the Grigori trapped him and he prayed to her, she didn’t come then, either. The reaper assumes she must have thought he could deal on his own. She can’t help and reminds him not to use his powers or God will find him. She disappears when Sam turns up to check on him. Later, Cass and Dean have a drink and bond when Jody calls. She’s in trouble and gives them an address. “If you don’t come, I’m dead.”

Sam and Dean turn up on Route 11 and find Jody tied up. They release her and the Bad Place Kaia approaches with a fire poker. She and Dean spar. She wants her spear. Dean admits it broke. Sam attacks and Kaia goes down. They train guns on her and Dean asks her what she wants. She says she’s connected to Kaia and they share memories and dreams. “Kaia’s alive,” she reveals. Everyone’s horrified that she’s been stuck there – left for dead. Kaia’s world is ending and she can see her. She flashes to Kaia singing Miss Mary Mack and watching lightning storms. She wants “the boy” (Jack) to help her get back home.

Back at the bunker, Castiel’s frustrated when Jack wins a game of Connect Four. Sam, Dean, and Jody arrive with Kaia. Cass has never met Jody and is pleased to see her. The guys fill Jack and Cass in on what happened. They chain Kaia up. Cass leaves a message for Sergei to find archangel grace to help open the rift to get ‘not-Kaia’ back to the other world. Sam, Dean, and Jack search through lore but find nothing. Cass asks after Claire and learns she’s searching for the Bad Place Kaia and is out of cell phone range. Jack talks to Kaia privately and decides to dreamwalk to see Kaia. He realizes not-Kaia is telling the truth. She’ll die unless he opens the rift. Jack tells everyone his intention of opening the rift. The reaper reappears and calls it stupid. “Winchester stupid.” God will know. She threatens to tell Billie but Jack knows this will mean her death. She reluctantly agrees to help and tells them the cosmic warding hasn’t been completely repaired on the bunker. They didn’t know. She’ll help restore it so Jack can hide his powers from God. It may not be enough. She and Castiel get to work and Sam casts a spell to restore the ruins as Jack opens the rift. Cass asks Jody to stay behind because if things go wrong with the rescue, Claire will be devastated to lose both Kaia and Jody. Jody reluctantly agrees to stay. Sam and Dean suit up and head out with not-Kaia.

Bad Place

Sam, Dean, and Kaia encounter red-eyed creatures once inside the rift. Kaia says they’re frightened of the world ending. They disperse. Soon, they find Kaia in not-Kaia’s hut. She’s happy to be found and there are hugs all around but since the storm is getting worse, not-Kaia tells them to go. She doesn’t belong in their world. They take off and return to the bunker.sam and dean at bad place supernatural

Our world

Jody launches herself at the real Kaia with a hug. Later, Kaia’s showered and changed into Jack’s clothing. She talks about the nursery rhyme that helped her to survive. It’s one her mom sang to her. Jody invites her home to Sioux Falls to be reunited with Claire and they take off. Billie (Lisa Berry) appears with her scythe and kills Merle, shocking the room. Merle had one job and failed, she states. She tells them all the worlds are dying but this one. Cass realizes what Chuck’s doing. “Wiping the slate clean for the end,” Billie agrees. Sam demands to know what Billie’s plan is. Billie believed in the rules as a reaper but when they killed her, she realized everyone can die – even God. “Everything dies.” Dean recalls the last Death telling him the same thing. Billie says the books write themselves. They learn it’s Sam and Dean’s destiny to stop God. They’re messengers of God’s destruction.

Earth 2

Chuck eats popcorn and watches on the televisions in Radio Shed as the worlds die-off from fire, floods, and other destruction. The employee asks if he’s finished. Chuck says it takes time. The man asks if he’ll spare him and his world. Chuck says he’ll be fine, but when he leaves, asteroids shoot down and the store blows up.asteroids cw supernatural

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