soaps roundup March 16 bold and beautiful days of our lives general hospital young and restless
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Wedding surprises, grave danger, pressing for info and building an empire.

Take a look at last week’s episode highlights from March 9 – 13 for Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless, as well as’s teasers for what’s to come on each soap opera…

Bold and the Beautiful

First on The Bold and the Beautiful, with the truth revealed, Hope accepted Liam’s proposal and vowed to make Thomas pay. Brooke and Bill shared a kiss at the cabin, not realizing someone was spying on them. At Thomas and Zoe’s wedding, Hope entered in a wedding dress pretending to want to marry Thomas, but quickly exposed his schemes, and Douglas announced he wanted live with Hope and Liam. Coming up: Shauna tells Quinn she saw something shocking.

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Days of our Lives

On Days of our Lives, Justin, John and Kayla were rescued from the poisonous room they were trapped in by Roman and Hattie. Rolf implanted Marlena with a chip to endear her to Stefano. Brady helped Kristen remember holding their child through a hypnosis technique, and she recalled their daughter had a birthmark on her neck. Later, Nicole noticed the same birthmark on Mickey. And Evan’s confession of murder was thrown out, and he later met up with his father, who was revealed to be Orpheus. Coming up: Hope receives devastating news.

General Hospital

Over on General Hospital, Neil and Alexis gave into passion and had sex the night before his medical board hearing. Neil kept his license, only because he and Alexis lied about their relationship. Jordan learned Cyrus kidnapped her son TJ and was forced to work for him. And Britt Westbourne returned to support Brad, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping after Sonny threatened to kill him if he didn’t. Later, Britt ended up in bed with Julian. Coming up: Jordan tells Sam to back off.

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Young and the Restless

And on The Young and the Restless, just as Victor was going to offer Adam the CEO position, Nick called to take the job. Phyllis taunted Abby that she had a back-up of the recording she thought she stole in a safety deposit box. Abby warned Chance, and suggested she impersonate Phyllis to get access to the box. As Nick took over at Newman, he and Phyllis had sex on his desk. And Billy decided to take Jill up on her offer to work at Chancellor but learned Lily would be his partner. Coming up: Jill sets up a mysterious meeting.