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Promising readers an exciting soapy escape.

Veteran Guiding Light access Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) recently released her second book, called Chasing Cleopatra, A Novel of Love, Betrayal, and Suspense. It’s a story that promises to reveal what it truly means to love while being kept on edge with thrilling twists. The heroine is beautiful, sophisticated, and clever Cleopatra Gallier, a trained killer who appears to lead a peaceful existence on the island of Honolulu. When she enters into a love affair with the younger Jake Regan, an undercover CIA agent, her secret past begins to unravel. Cleopatra is thrown into the terrifying world of terrorism and while dealing with the terrorist threat, she is also faced with two shocking betrayals. Her lethal skills are tested as she fights for both the island she loves and her future.

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The well developed characters spurred emotional reactions from readers who have been swept away, caught up in the fast pace. The scene of the action, Honolulu, was captured in vivid detail, truly offering readers an escape to a beautiful island filled with intrigue and romance.

Sloan’s first book, Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old – with Style, Humor and Grace had Sloan sharing humorous stories from her 26 years as a soap star. Most notably, it offered an enlightened perspective on the aging process, offering women important wisdom on how to embrace aging with ease. In her one woman show, also entitled Changing Shoes, Sloan tackled her own life, looking back on her successes and challenges as an actress, mother, wife, and friend. Humorous and thoughtful, the review was inspired by her life after looking through all her old shoes.

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Since Guiding Light went off the air, Sloan’s acting credits include Law & Order: SVU, Third Watch, Celebrity, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, The Brave One, Changing Lanes, The Guru, People I Know, and Black Swan. Her latest projects included starring in the popular soap web series Beacon Hill as Louise Cassell, and Venice the Series’ Katherine Pierce.

Chasing Cleopatra, which has close to a five star rating, can be purchased online.

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