Titus is hit by a car on Ambitions
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A confrontation, a surprising alliance, and a threat.

In Tuesday’s first Ambitions recap, Perla stabbed Alix, and Damian got the goods on Stephanie who won big in her settlement with Purifoy. In Tuesday’s second episode, Soaps.com has the recap where Damian ups the threat level, Titus makes a lot of enemies, and Stephanie puts all her cards on the table.

On their couch, Amara and Titus discuss the Purifoy settlement. Titus can’t turn a blind eye to his employer’s evil ways anymore and will keep digging for dirt.

Evan and Stephanie toast at home on AmbitionsOver dinner at home, Evan snipes at Stephanie for driving Purifoy, one of Atlanta’s biggest employers, to the poor house as she gets in digs about Amara’s investigation into his shady dealings. Evan gets an emergency text and leaves. Stephanie calls Rashid and says, “He’s leaving now.” She also needs intel from Rashid as soon as possible so her father knows how formidable an opponent she is.

Perla ties up Bella on AmbitionsPerla sneaks into Bella’s place when no one is there. She finds a stash of cash and shoves it into her jeans as Bella returns. The women bicker and Bella sees blood on Perla’s arm. Perla says Alix tried to rape her so she stabbed him. Bella starts to call Evan, but Perla smacks the phone out of her hand. A fight ensues when they both go for the phone. Perla hits Bella over the head with a wine bottle and she passes out. When Bella comes to, she’s tied to a chair and Perla is splashing alcohol at her. Bella learns Perla helped kidnap Joaquin as Perla prepares to set her on fire. Evan’s guy busts in and tackles Perla. She’s taken away as Evan unties Bella. She collapses in his arms.

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Lulene tells Rondell about the prank calls on AmbitionsAt Thelma’s Place, Rondell gives Lulene the ring her father was going to propose with and asks about Senior’s strokes. Lulene says with his medication he was as sharp as he ever was, but he was bothered by a string of prank calls. After Lulene leaves, Rondell figures out Senior’s password to his phone and listens to a threatening voicemail from Darcia.

Damian scares Amara on AmbitionsWhen Amara leaves her office the next day, Damian approaches her in the parking garage. She pulls out her mace and orders him to stay back. Damian says they have unfinished business and he’ll wait for her.

Lori questions Titus on Ambitions Lori finds Titus digging through old files at Purifoy and asks where he found them. Titus covers, but she looks wary. However, she was hoping they could work together to change the culture at Purifoy. He agrees but then meets with a former Purifoy rep who gives him damaging information. The man then privately calls someone to say they have a problem.

Irene supports Stephanie's plans for Stephen on AmbitionsIrene visits Stephanie in her office and tells her Stephen has been laundering money for Novak Petrovitch. Irene already knew, but wonders how Stephanie plans to use the information. Stephanie says the plan is already in motion. Irene knows Stephen won’t know what struck him.

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Darcia meets with Stephen in his office. She’s livid he had her turn down Evan’s $500,000. She could end up with nothing now. He advises if she plays it his way, she’ll get her payday and his client will finally get his hands on Thelma’s Place.

Stephanie blackmails her father on AmbitionsAt home, Stephanie shows her father proof of his money laundering. Stephanie orders him to retire and name her his successor or else everyone will know he’s a common mob lawyer. Stephanie gets a text telling her Evan just left Bella’s loft, as Stephen remains defiant.

Stephen returns to his office and questions one of his lawyers regarding Senior’s will. Stephen tells her to make sure Evan and Rondell’s challenge fails. She could make junior partner and become very rich if she succeeds.

Evan and Bella kiss on AmbitionsEvan returns to Bella’s place to check on her. She asks what he did with Perla. He tells her she’s better off not knowing. (She is in a padded room where nurses shoot her up with something.) Bella apologizes for everything she did in the past to get his attention. He’s sorry for trying to control her. They kiss and he tells her he loves her. Their kissing grows more passionate and they have sex. Later, Bella walks into the living room to find Stephanie on her couch. Stephanie lays out what she knows about her and Evan while shouting and throwing pillows at her. Stephanie tells her to enjoy everything while she can because she’s taking everything from her – maybe even Joaquin. Stephanie slaps her and says, “Life as you know it is over.”

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Damian threatens Stephanie on AmbitionsAn emotional Stephanie hurries to her car. As she tries to compose herself, Damian jumps in the passenger seat. He shows her the video of her having sex with Greg and informs her he knows all her dirty little secrets. He wants $20 million and a private plane to fly him out of the country or he’ll expose her and her crooked family.

Titus calls Amara as he walks out of a bakery into the street. He bought her favorite cupcakes. A car speeds towards him. There’s a crash and Amara yells out “Titus!”