Perla flirts with Alix on Ambitions
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Amara puts the pieces together, Stephanie gets her proof, and Damian is far from finished.

In last week’s Ambitions recap, Damian was arrested and Irene was revealed as the mastermind behind Joaquin’s kidnapping. This week, recapped the latest episode where Damian has another trick up his sleeve, Daphne is pushed to her limit, and Perla and Alix cross a few kinky lines.

Irene threatens Perla on AmbitionsPerla meets with Irene in her SUV. Stephanie’s mother reminds Perla she never wanted Joaquin kidnapped, just for a wedge to be driven between Bella and Evan, forcing Bella to take their son and leave Atlanta. Perla insists it was Eddie’s idea and blames Bella for his death. Irene recalls how Perla came to her with dirt on her so-called best friend. Perla thought Irene would want to know Stephanie was being made a fool of. Irene threatens to slit Perla’s throat if she speaks ill of her daughter again.

Jerry defends Damian on AmbitionsAs Damian is questioned by the feds in an interrogation room, high-powered attorney Jerry Lanigan (played by Rick Hearst) arrives to get him out on bail.

Stephanie urges Jerry to get Damian's charges dropped on AmbitionsJerry enters Stephanie’s office and gives his old law school buddy a big hug. Stephanie is playful but disappointed he didn’t get Damian’s charges dropped. Jerry says he’s good but nobody’s that good. Jerry will do his best for his dirtbag client but warns that Stephanie better have a good contingency plan. She asks him to keep this favor between the two of them.

Bella shows Ignacio her business plan on AmbitionsAs Perla roams Bella’s loft, where she’s staying to help out her “friend,” she sees Evan’s security guy Alix. He has photos connecting Perla to Eddie and threatens to show them to Evan. She has a better idea and cozies up to him. They hit Bella’s sheets and have sex while calling each other Bella and Mr. Mayor. After they’ve cleared out, Ignacio pays Bella a visit. She wants to discuss her plans for a store at the airport, but he tells her to focus on online sales. A frustrated Bella wants to talk to his mother Valentina directly, but he puts her off and walks out.

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Fake blood is thrown on Titus on AmbitionsAfter morning sex with Amara, Titus heads to work only to find people lying on the ground covered in fake blood in protest of Hunter’s leaked email. A woman throws the red liquid on Titus accusing him of having blood on his hands. He later tells Amara he hasn’t quit Purifoy yet so he can get to the bottom of things.

Rondell faces off with Darcia on AmbitionsAt Thelma’s Place, Rondell tells Evan she got the signatures to block Peters from taking over the diner. When Darcia enters, Evan tries to give her $500,000, but Darcia knows the property is worth a lot more considering Peters is sniffing around. Later that night, Rondell finds Darcia ordering Thelma’s Place employees around. A fight ensues with Darcia threatening to rain fire down on Rondell’s life.

Daphne is defiant with Amara on AmbitionsIn her office, Amara learns on the phone that Jerry got Damian out on bail. Daphne is brought in to see her. Amara informs her the woman who tried to kill her is Greg Peters’ hitwoman cousin Natasha. Amara offers to protect Daphne if she gives her names and dates in the bribery scam. Daphne refuses, so Amara shows her Herschel’s suicide note.

Jerry and Evan reveal their connection to Amara on AmbitionsAmara stops by Evan’s office to show him Herschel’s last words, which include Daphne confirming she was bribing him on Evan’s behalf. Evan is cocky and dismissive. As Amara exits, she sees Jerry. She realizes who he is and wonders how Damian can afford him. Evan walks out revealing he and Jerry are old friends. Daphne is next to drop in just as Evan is leaving for the day. She’s nervous about Greg and Natasha, but Evan makes it clear he will not help her.

Damian answers a call from Stephanie while returning home. She wires him money to leave town. Amara later visits with a federal escort for protection. She knows Stephanie got Jerry to represent him and assumes she’s the one who brought him to Atlanta. Damian says he came to Atlanta because he loved her. They will end up together no matter what he has to do.

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At home, Stephanie tells Irene she ran a DNA test confirming Joaquin is Evan’s son. Stephanie knows she will survive this, but Evan might not prove so lucky.

Evan shames and threatens Bella on AmbitionsEvan and Alix enter Bella’s loft but find only Perla, who taunts Evan about Bella’s new lover Ignacio. As Evan turns to leave, Perla purrs, “Bye Mr. Mayor.” Alix smirks as he follows his boss out. The next day, Evan stops by again to slut-shame Bella and threatens to take Joaquin away. He also lets her know Valentina has dementia and there was a power struggle for the company. Ignacio lost, rendering him powerless.

Daphne returns to Amara’s office. She agrees to give up Greg and Evan in exchange for protection.

Stephanie is surprised to find Damian when she returns to her office. He informs her he’s not going anywhere and threatens to ruin her if she tries to take him down. Security escorts him out.

Back at his place, Damian watches Stephanie’s office from the hidden camera he planted.