Irene has big plans for Stephanie on Ambitions
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An arrest, a kidnapping reveal and a paternity suspicion.

In last week’s Ambitions recap, Joaquin was rescued, Amara discovered Damian’s secret cameras and Stephanie learned of Evan’s affair with Bella. This week, has the recap where the shocking mastermind of Joaquin’s abduction is revealed, Amara sets out to get Damian, and Darcia throws Rondell and Evan a curveball.

Irene visits Stephanie in her office. Stephanie vents to her mother about Bella and Evan’s betrayal and realizes Joaquin could be Evan’s son. She wants a divorce, but Irene reminds her they’ve been grooming Evan for too long to cut him loose now. Stephanie can’t believe her mother wants her to suck it up so they can have a son-in-law in the Oval Office. Mama retorts, “Who says it’s Evan I’m trying to place in the Oval Office,” and calls Stephanie the future of the family.

Damian sits down at his laptop at his place. He logs into his live feed of the Hughes home and sees the feds searching for his cameras. Panicked, he starts typing furiously on his keyboard and then packs up his stuff. He hears a beeping on his laptop and runs over to it. He gets a message that his hard drive has been deleted and the files are unrecoverable. He breathes a sigh of relief.

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Back at the Hughes home, the feds lose the signal to the cameras and pack it up. Once alone, Amara and Titus muse on who could have been recording them. Amara thinks it’s Stephanie, but Titus accuses Damian. Amara doesn’t want to believe it was him because that would mean she brought this threat into their lives. They’re interrupted by a text message from Hunter ordering Titus to get to the office because that damaging email was leaked.

Ignacio plays Bella at her loft on AmbitionsWith Evan nearby, a doctor checks out Joaquin at Bella’s loft. Joaquin gets the all-clear health-wise, as Bella gets a text from Ignacio. Evan passes Perla as he leaves. Bella rants to Perla how she’ll get vengeance on the second kidnapper, leaving Perla rattled. Later, Ignacio comes by for a meeting with Bella. He notes her lack of enthusiasm for their professional and personal partnerships. She tells him going to bed with him was a mistake. She’s been reminded of what’s important, which is her company and her family. He responds that he cares about her and won’t walk away without a fight. He goes in for a kiss, but she turns away. He says he’ll be in touch and leaves. Once outside her door, Ignacio makes a call ordering someone to proceed as planned. The partnership has to start paying off and fast.

Rondell disgusted with Darcia on AmbitionsAt Thelma’s Place, Darcia reveals to a shocked Rondell her father loaned Senior $50,000 to open Thelma’s Place. Now, she wants what she’s owed. The next day, a dismissive Evan brings his checkbook and gives his cousin a check for $5,000. Darcia warns they are messing with the wrong Lancaster.

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The Purifoy team does damage control on AmbitionsIt’s all hands on deck at Purifoy as everyone tries to do damage control after Hunter’s racist email got out. Titus tells Lori that the FDA is considering a joint investigation with the CDC and DOJ into Purifoy’s deceptive marketing practices. Lori assumes Stephanie leaked the email. He assures her he’ll handle his ex.

Stephanie taunts Titus on AmbitionsTitus confronts Stephanie in her office about leaking the email. She denies it. He then tells her he’s thinking of divorcing Amara, assuming she’d be interested in that information. She’s thrilled, not because she wants him for herself, but because that means he’ll be all alone. And if she ever let him have sex with her again, it would only be to stick it to Amara.

Damian drops by Amara’s office on his first day back to work. He promises to stay clear of her and Titus. She lures him in, talking about their affair, how she had real feelings for him and how violent Titus was with her after he learned about them. The next day, Damian stands outside Amara’s office door listening to her talk to her mother. Amara says how angry and possessive Titus is and how she has feelings for someone else. After she hangs up, she looks to the door and smirks.

Evan, Rondell and Darcia at Senior's will reading on AmbitionsAt Senior’s will reading, which is attended by Evan, Rondell, Darcia and Darcia’s lawyer, Senior’s wishes state he always intended to pay back his brother’s loan. Therefore, he has bequeathed Darcia a stake in Thelma’s Place equivalent to the $50,000 with compounded interest. The remaining shares will be divided equally between Evan and Rondell. Darcia’s lawyer declares Darcia is now the rightful owner of two-thirds of the business including the land it sits on.

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Bella opens the door to Stephanie on AmbitionsStephanie pays Bella visit at the loft to discuss her contract. When Bella exits the room, Stephanie grabs one of Joaquin’s hats and puts it in her bag

Damian is arrested on AmbitionsDamian lurks outside Amara’s house as she watches TV. After she gets an alert on her phone she heads to the shower. Damian enters the bathroom and undresses. When he pulls back the shower curtain, he’s met with Amara’s gun. The feds come from behind him and cuff him. After he’s arrested, Amara and Titus embrace, thankful it’s over.

Irene plots with Perla on AmbitionsPerla meets with Irene in her SUV. She’s nervous she’ll go to jail or end up dead like Eddie. Irene says, “Is it my fault you can’t follow instructions?”