Titus confronts Amara with pregnancy test on Ambitions
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Affairs revealed, an ulterior motive exposed and a rescue becomes deadly.

In last week’s Ambitions recap, Evan dealt with the many tragedies in his life, while Amara and Titus tried to work through their marital issues. This week, Soaps.com has the recap where Evan takes matters into his own hands with Joaquin’s kidnapper, Stephanie learns of Evan’s indiscretions and Rondell receives a familial visit that’s not as it seems.

After finding a pregnancy test in the trash at home, Titus asks Amara if he or Damian is the father. Deja walks into the kitchen. The test is hers, but the results are unclear. Titus gets riled up, but Amara calms him down. She assures their daughter they will go to the doctor and deal with this as a family.

Evan runs into Bella’s loft to tell her the dead boy the cops found wasn’t Joaquin. She sobs as they embrace. He takes off his suit jacket and cufflinks, which he places on a shelf. The kidnapper calls to order Evan to have the money ready. He’ll call back. The next morning, Evan assures Bella he has the money, but he doesn’t think that’s the best move. He promises to get their boy home. He moves in for a kiss but is interrupted by a text from Stephanie wondering where the hell he is.

Perla goes to the motel. Eddie updates her on his call to Evan and rants about a crying Joaquin, who is locked in the bathroom so he won’t see her. Perla explains how she’s tired of being a co-star in the Bella Tru show. She wants more out of life and a payday from Mayor Lancaster is the key. They start making out and fall back on the bed.

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Stephanie receives damaging email on Ambitions At the office, Stephanie learns of the mountain of documents Titus sent over as discovery for the Purifoy lawsuit. Stephanie orders her team to find a smoking gun. She gets an alert on her phone about a funds transfer from the bank and runs out. Later in her office, one of Stephanie’s lawyers alerts her to an email they found that implicates Purifoy. Stephanie gleefully forwards it to Titus.

Titus confronts Hunter on AmbitionsTitus storms into Hunter Purifoy’s office. He shows Hunter the email from the 90s that Hunter sent urging his team to increase the addictiveness of their product to target lower-income communities, black people specifically. Hunter tries to pass it off as a joke and orders a furious Titus to fix it. Stephanie later drops by Titus’ office to gloat. She ups the settlement amount for her clients, but Titus insists they aren’t settling. Stephanie mentions him living in a hotel as Deja walks in. Stephanie leaves as Deja tells her father she’s not pregnant.

Rondell catches up with cousin Darcia on AmbitionsAt Thelma’s Place, Rondell and Evan’s cousin Darcia arrives from Chicago for Senior’s funeral. Rondell is happy to see her and invites her to stay at the apartment upstairs. That night, Rondell tells her cousin about the offer from Peters for Thelma’s Place. When Rondell heads upstairs, Darcia makes a call and cackles that she’s about to get paid more than she planned.

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Amara visits Evan at his office to question him about Daphne bribing the building permit supervisor and Greg Peters. He smoothly denies all. Amara also alerts him to finding a half-naked Stephanie in Titus’ hotel room.

Back at Bella’s, Perla sits by Bella’s side as they, along with Evan, watch a proof of life video for Joaquin. Evan hears something in the background that gives him and his security guy an idea of where the motel is. They run out. As Bella and Perla wait for word on Joaquin, Stephanie visits unannounced to go over Bella’s contract with Valentina DeSantos. Perla makes her exit as Stephanie insults her. As Bella tries to get rid of her, Stephanie looks at a framed photo of Joaquin and she sees Evan’s cufflinks. Bella gets a call from Eddie who demands the money. She ushers Stephanie out, but Eddie has already hung up.

Evan sits in his SUV watching a live stream of his guys busting into the motel room. Eddie grabs Joaquin and his gun, but Evan’s guys shoot Eddie dead.

Evan brings Joaquin home to a sobbing Bella. They all embrace.

At home, Deja confronts her mother about Titus not living there. Amara admits she was the one who cheated when Deja assumes it was her father. Deja stomps out of the room, leaving Amara alone to be recorded on the secret camera. The next day, after Deja has left for school, Amara tells Titus she confessed her affair to Deja so she wouldn’t think the worst of him. She hopes they can move past all this. He wants that too. As they hug, Amara whispers to him that there are cameras recording them.

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Evan at home drinking on AmbitionsEvan returns home to Stephanie who wonders where he’s been, why he hasn’t been answering his texts and why he had all that money transferred. He throws her being with Titus in her face. They both deny any wrongdoing and he exits the room. Stephanie angrily places the cufflinks on the table.