Evan holds Greg at gunpoint on Ambitions
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Mid-season premiere reveals Joaquin’s kidnapper and Senior’s possible murderer.

Last we saw, Ambitions’ mid-season finale ended on a murder, a kidnapping, and a presumed affair. Soaps.com has the November 12 mid-season premiere recap that resolves most of those cliffhangers.

Amara yells at and slaps Titus at home over finding Stephanie in his hotel room. He explains he asked Stephanie to his room to Amara and Titus hash out their problems on Ambitionstalk about the class action suit. When he thought Stephanie had left, he took a shower, but she slipped into a robe and stayed instead. He admits having sex with Stephanie crossed his mind, but the thought of Amara stopped him from doing so. He loved Stephanie when he was a kid in college, but he didn’t experience the real thing until he met Amara. Through tears, Amara tells him he is the only man she’s ever loved. They’re interrupted by an urgent call from Amara’s boss.

Bella frantically looks for Joaquin at home. She finds a ransom note in his bedroom.

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Evan comforts Rondell on AmbitionsEvan enters Thelma’s Places as a cop questions Rondell about Senior’s murder. She declares to Evan Greg Peters killed their father. Evan emphatically assures his sister Peters is going down. Evan gets a message on his phone and has to run out. He passes Kent as he leaves. Rondell is chilly with her suitor. Kent apologizes for walking out on her dinner after finding out she was going to sell out to Greg. Stephanie shows up next. Alone, a teary Stephanie asks Rondell if there’s anything she can do. Rondell spits that she’s done enough – her daddy is dead because of Stephanie and Greg.

Bella devastated over her son's kidnapping on AmbitionsWhen Evan shows up at Bella’s, he questions whether Roderick or Bella herself did this. This enrages Bella, so he relents. One of Evan’s men, Alex, enters. He discreetly tells Evan an ambulance got Daphne to the hospital in time and that he scrubbed the hotel so no one will know Evan was there. Evan is relieved, but tells Alex finding Joaquin is his sole priority.

Daphne bruised in her hospital bed on AmbitionsDressed as a nurse, Greg’s cousin, Natasha, walks into Daphne’s hospital room. She tries to inject her IV with something but Amara’s presence stops her. When Natasha leaves, Amara questions Daphne about her attacker, assuring her she can protect her from Greg Peters and his people. Daphne stays mum. A real nurse enters. When she mentions she’s Daphne’s only nurse for the night, an alarmed Amara calls for 24-hour protection on Daphne.

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The next day at his office, Evan gets a call from Joaquin’s kidnapper. Using a voice modifier, they demand a million dollars in exchange for the boy.

Stephanie faces Amara on Ambitions Amara stops by Thelma’s Place with flowers to offer her condolences to Rondell. Amara vows to do everything in her power to make sure they find who killed Senior. Stephanie shows up to talk to Rondell, who angrily heads upstairs. Stephanie and Amara taunt each other regarding Titus. Amara then warns Stephanie she will take her and Greg Peters down. She calls her pathetic and leaves. Stephanie looks shaken. Later, Kent returns to check on Rondell, who sends him away when he reveals he’s running against Evan for mayor.

Stephanie wants answers from Greg on AmbitionsEvan and his men pay Greg Peters a visit at home. Greg insists he didn’t kill Senior as Evan holds him at gunpoint. Evan leaves when his men find no trace of Joaquin. Stephanie later arrives but only finds Natasha and her goons. Natasha and Stephanie exchange disparaging remarks, until Greg returns. He orders Natasha to leave. Once she does, Greg tells Stephanie it’s not safe for her to come over while Natasha is in town. Stephanie brings up Senior. He insists he had nothing to do with his murder. She doesn’t believe him. A furious Greg has no reason to lie to her. She cries as she accuses Natasha of doing the deed. Stephanie is the most fearless woman Greg has ever known, but he warns her against taking on his cousin. He will handle her. Stephanie gets in his face. She loved Senior, so Natasha is the one Greg should be worried about. Stephanie storms out. When Natasha returns, Greg pointedly asks what she’s been up to. She responds, “Eliminating any and all threats to our operations.” When she finishes the job on Daphne, maybe she’ll target Stephanie. Greg grabs her arm threatening her away from Stephanie. His threats just turn her on.

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Perla comforts Bella on AmbitionsBella’s model friend Perla shows up at her door for a fitting. Bella cries as she tells her about Joaquin. Perla suggests she listen to the kidnappers and not involve the cops. She also tries to throw suspicion on Ignacio, but Bella’s not having it. When Evan arrives, he relays the police found a dead boy about Joaquin’s age. Bella collapses in tears.

Perla sees Joaquin playing video games on AmbitionsJoaquin is in a dingy motel room with headphones on playing a video game. A man with a gun drinks beer on the bed when someone comes to the door. It’s Perla, who can’t believe the man killed the boy. He cracks the door open, proving to her Joaquin is fine.