11-11-19 spoilers for bold and beautiful days of our lives general hospital young and restless
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Bonding, bearing up, and burned.

Get a glimmer of what’s ahead as Soaps.com brings you the latest spoilers for the week of November 11 – 15 for The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless, plus Days and GH spoilers from November 18 – 22.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope has had a lot to be horrified by lately and the terror continues as Thomas takes off and she has no idea where he’s gone. As she goes hunting for him, Liam finds reason to be shocked thanks to learning that Hope is now legally Douglas’ mother. After Hope hears that Liam is returning to Spencer Publications, she can’t stop from reacting in a negative way. Meanwhile, Steffy isn’t shying away from the negative as she bluntly warns Ridge of what she thinks Brooke is capable of when she sets her mind and body in motion. However, it may be more likely that someone needs a warning about Ridge. He goes on the warpath after learning about Douglas’ legal situation and lays the blame on Hope. Check out Soaps.com’s The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn who Brooke is willing to lie for.

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Days of our Lives

As time in Salem jumps a year ahead, things continue to spiral out of control for Sarah thanks to her baby-based dilemmas. Meanwhile, Julie has more immediate physical disaster looming when her heart starts behaving in ways that were not anticipated. As her new organ seems to be skipping a beat, Princess Gina sets her sights on John. Sonny may have to reel his eyes back in after he has an encounter with Rafe’s nanny. As Sonny gets close to Evan, Eric gets close enough to JJ to notice that the cop is baked. Chad has a very different transgression to confess to, but will Abby be forgiving? Gabi is not feeling compassionate at all. In fact, she’s getting more paranoid and tells Eli that she thinks Chad is plotting against her. What’s really shocking is that the DiMera has been in touch with the supposedly dead Stefano. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to discover what happens to Lani.

General Hospital

Jason goes after Jax, looking to set some things straight. Carly may have more luck with that and strikes a deal with her ex. Valentin is having mixed luck all week. Not only is he getting disturbing phone calls, but he also has to deal with a visit from Jason and with Lulu freaking out. Nina is starting to lose it, but at least the Cassadine manages to find some common ground with Lulu and that calms a few things down. Chase is also trying to keep things under control and decides to give out advice to Robert. Monica can see how close Kim still is to going over the edge and does what she can for the clearly disturbed woman. Across Port Charles, Liz continues having a hard time keeping a grip on her family. She winds up taking Cameron to see Sonny. But maybe the nurse will feel a bit better about herself after Finn admits to her how much he has to work out with Anna. Take a look at our General Hospital spoilers to find out who has a diagnosis.

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The Young and the Restless

Victor continues out-maneuvering his son by spryly startling Adam with his latest acts. Adam is in a fury and rushes off to question Chelsea about what has been happening. While Victor and Nikki team up to try and protect the family’s reputation, that could get increasingly hard as Nick’s election campaign goes on. He’s quickly learning how ugly politics can get. Meanwhile, Ashley returns to Genoa City and back into the middle of the latest Abbott family crisis. She has a relatively easy time creating a bond with Theo over their shared broken bloodline to the rest of the family. When she offers him a job in Paris, will he accept and fly away with her? And Phyllis springs into action as she sets a trap for some unlucky soul. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn who else is trying to manage a crisis.