Adam Sharp, NATAS
Credit: Image: Marc Bryan-Brown

Insight into soap fan’s most heard complaint.

Soap opera fans have, in the past, delighted in watching their favorite soap stars receive a Daytime Emmy for their work on network soap operas which is why has fielded various complaints over the years since the last Daytime Emmy Awards show was televised in 2015.

The Daytime Emmys are stretched out over three days in 2020 which has garnered some confusion amongst soap fans who aren’t sure which evening they’ll be watching or attending. spoke with NATAS President/CEO Adam Sharp about what’s to come this year.

“NATAS has not yet determined which nights will be dedicated to which categories. Traditionally one evening (historically Sunday) has been focused on Daytime Drama talent and programs, and NATAS expects to continue this format to remain intact though perhaps on a different night. The plan is for each night to have a distinct feel, with categories aligned such that most attendees and media will attend the 1-2 nights most relevant to them. We promise to keep you posted as official details become available.”

We wanted to shed light on why the Daytime Emmys aren’t televised anymore. Word was that funding was an issue but Adam Sharp cleared that rumor up immediately.

“Let me first clear up a misconception: The cost and NATAS’s nonprofit status are not the relevant part here. If broadcast, those costs are picked up by the networks. The Oscars, Golden Globes, Primetime Emmys, Grammys, and other major award shows are televised not because the respective academies choose to broadcast them, but rather because networks have sought to license and produce the events — footing those bills in the process.” In fact, Sharp went on to say that NATAS hasn’t had a broadcast licensee for the last several years. “It has instead self-funded the recent productions to serve fans despite the networks’ pullback. This has given an opportunity to reflect changing patterns in viewing behavior. As a result, the Daytime Emmys are the only one of the major awards shows to post substantial year-over-year audience growth, with roughly two million viewers across Twitter, Facebook, and the web for the 2019 ceremony.”

Those at NATAS are fans as well, ones who want to see all of the talent honored on “every possible screen,” and want soap opera fans to know that, “NATAS is doing everything it can to give them what they want and what the nominees deserve.”

This clears up a few misperceptions and soap opera fans should also note that there are four soap operas in the midst of numerous other daytime TV shows that are honored in the Daytime Emmys. This is why we don’t see the longer talent clips and why the tributes to soap stars we’ve lost are not longer. There must be room to celebrate them all. will be on hand in June of 2020 to celebrate and to once again cover the red carpet event as we did with the 2019 Daytime Emmys.