hallmark channel's monopoly game
Credit: Image: Hallmark Channel

Hallmark themes mixed into a popular board game.

Over the past few months, Soaps.com has been releasing all the latest new holiday movies for this year’s Hallmark Countdown to Christmas event. The channel’s Fall Harvest special has wrapped up but we have one more fun way to celebrate hallmark monopoly game boardthe season with family and friends over Thanksgiving, Christmas and all year long – with a new board game release. The Monopoly Hallmark Channel board game, set to go on sale on Friday October 25, invites fans to “celebrate all year long.” If you want a little time away from the television, to engage with guests, the new game is packed full of things viewers love from the Hallmark Channel mixed in with classic details from Hasbro’s Monopoly. The board itself is seasonal with the tokens, including a watering can, an ice cream cone, a ring, ice skates, a dog, and a Christmas tree, that players will use to make their way around the Hallmark-themed game. Instead of buying houses or hotels on Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue, fans will get the chance to buy a Christmas tree farm, a bed & breakfast and other neat locales.

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The game itself includes the board, 6 collectible tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 home cards, 16 family cards, 2 dice, 32 cottages, 32 inns, 1 pack of custom Hallmark Channel money and of course the rules to go along with it. Children ages 8 and up can join in with their parents or grandparents and the game is good for any 2 players or all the way up to 6. Visit Hallmark Channel to order your copy today!