bold and beautiful days of our lives general hospital young and the restless roundup September 23
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Hungover, held captive, a critic call and an unexpected turn.

Last week was filled with shocking revelations for Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless and has various highlights below for September 16 – 20, plus soap opera teasers for what’s to come…

Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge woke up with Shauna, and though they didn’t have sex, Shauna did kiss him. Ridge returned home and admitted his drunken escapade to Brooke, but left the part about Shauna out of the story. Meanwhile, Shauna told Flo that she spent the night with Ridge and that she has feelings for him. Later, Shauna asked Quinn to help reunite Wyatt and Flo, while Wyatt proposed to Sally. And Bill was stunned as he watched Katie collapse. Coming up: Katie is in kidney failure.
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Days of our Lives

Jennifer was kidnapped and later learned her old flame Dr. Shah was the one holding her hostage. Vivian made another attempt on Kate’s life in the hospital, and Kate flatlined. Lucas returned home as Kate’s condition deteriorated. Nicole and Eric made love, while Sarah decided not to tell Eric about her pregnancy and have an abortion. When Kristen learned of this, she planned to steal the embryo, have it implanted and pass it off as Brady’s child. Coming up: Kristen learns she is already pregnant.
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General Hospital

Kim accepted Franco as Drew and the two made love and planned to leave Port Charles, but Liz had Franco committed before he could go. While searching The Haunted Star for the codicil, Laura and Curtis found Cassandra Pierce hiding on the boat. Sasha confessed to Michael that she was not Nina’s daughter and was hired by Valentin to pose as her. Peter ordered his thug to kill Shiloh, whose trial began. And during a recess, Shiloh managed to escape the authorities. Coming up: Julian learns of Kim’s betrayal.
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Young and the Restless

Victoria attempted to help Billy battle his demons as he remembered trying to run Adam over. Victor was pronounced dead and lab tests revealed elevated levels of medication in his system. Adam quickly framed Victoria for the murder of her father. Devon was shocked by the appearance of Amanda Sinclair at his door, who was a dead ringer for Hilary. She revealed herself to be Chance Chancellor’s lawyer and that Katherine’s will had been altered. Coming up: Victor is alive in one of the quickest returns from the dead on a soap.