The cast on the Peach Pit set on BH90210
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Hope for some relationships, doubt for others, and questions about a real & reel season two.

Last week in’s BH90210 recap, the arsonist was caught, but questions still lingered about Zach. This week in The Long Wait, those questions are answered, but the cast is left with a few more about the future of their reboot while reacting to the twists thrown at them in their personal lives.

The Bait Shop vs The Peach Pit

Ian, Brian and Jennie at the wrap party on BH90210 The cast (minus Jason who is in the Bahamas with a bedridden Camille) gathers on the Peach Pit set for their pilot wrap party. Christine warns they haven’t been picked up for a full season yet. If it doesn’t happen, she’ll be working with the cast of The O.C. whose reboot is bringing Mischa Barton back.

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At home, Shay delicately explains to Brian her investigator ran a DNA test that revealed Zach is not Shay delivers sensitive news to Brian on BH90210his son. Brian’s furious she went behind his back, but Shay insists she did it to protect him. Meanwhile, Tori stresses at her own home about not hearing anything about 90210 getting picked up yet. She calls Christine to tell her how well their Peach Pit pop-up is doing. Christine retorts The O.C’s Bait Shop is killing it as well. However, the test audiences seem to really like “You high maintenance twits.” When Christine won’t send her the audience’s feedback, Tori secretly convinces her assistant to do it.

Shannen and Brian on the Peach Pit set on BH90210At the pop-up, Jennie, Tori, Ian and Brian (Shannen is late due to saving a possum) are aghast over the unflattering things the test audiences had to say. The Peach Pit opens and fans run in to take pictures with the cast. During a break, Tori and Brian sit at the counter and discuss how much the audiences liked Donna and David together. They marvel at their successful onscreen marriage while bemoaning the state of their offscreen ones. Zach shows up and Brian confronts him about not being his son. Zach looks crestfallen, insisting it’s what his mother told him. After all the fans have left, Christine announces FOX picked up three shows, so there’s only one slot left. It’s between 90210 and The O.C. Brian offers to host a BBQ at his place so they can wait for word together.

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The O.C is toast

Shannen, Brian and Ian get good news on BH90210The next day, Brian remains icy towards Shay, who continues to insist she was only looking out for him. When Shannen shows up for the BBQ, Brian admits he feels bad for Zach, who deserves a father. Shannen suggests he can still be one and encourages him to follow his heart. As Jennie drinks with Wyatt, he shows her the tattoo he got of her initials. Jennie goes from confusion to shock to taking a swig of her wine. She runs off to refill her glass and runs into Gabby who suggests she end it and fast. As they talk, the women hear shrieks and learn FOX has greenlit 90210. Brian says, “The O.C. is toast.”

Brian and Jason talk at the kick-off party on BH90210Everyone and their spouses meet up in New York for the FOX kickoff party where Gabrielle introduces Christine to her husband Chris. Ian runs into Denise Richards who is there for her own show and they end up having sex in his hotel room. Brian, who asked Shannen to bring Zach to the party, tells his non-son that he’s there for him until he finds his real father. At the bar, Nate tells Tori how proud he is of her, but he’s also jealous. They fight again. Jason shows up and tells Brian he’s sorry about Zach. Brian shows Jason a photo of himself with Zach’s mother from back in the day and asks if Jason remembers her. Jason does and spots Zach as he walks away. Jason flashes to the woman in the photo and looks shaken. In a booth, Chris reveals he knows Gabrielle was with Christine. He’s not jealous, but he’s also not sure how long he can wait until she figures things out. Jason sits with Jennie. He tells her he and Camille ended things. She did the same with Wyatt. Jason jokes Jennie’s a lot of work. She replies, “Yes I am, but I’m worth the effort.” They lock eyes. Upon returning to the party, Ian and Denise make plans to meet up in L.A. Anna (who insisted on keeping things casual despite Ian wanting more) joins them. Ian nervously laughs upon learning Denise is Anna’s mother. After another fight with Shay, Brian finds Tori. They admit they have both wondered what if they had married someone better suited for themselves. They engage in a long hug.

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Problems for another season

Jennie, Gabby and Tori at the kickoff party on BH90210Before the 90210 media event, Christine announces to the gobsmacked cast they will be reshooting the pilot, replacing Anna, recasting the minor characters (including Jennie’s daughter) and shooting in Canada. One more thing… they can’t afford to bring all seven of them back. “But that’s a conversation for another day,” she chuckles. “So suck it up, get your asses out there and sparkle.” As they nervously wait to go on stage, Brian grabs Tori’s hand, while Jason grabs Jennie’s and kisses it. Ian, Shannen, and Gabrielle grab hands as well and they all greet the crowd.


I thought season one of BH90210 was great fun, but I did have a couple issues. My biggest one being the lack of Luke Perry mentions, which I know, I know, I’m harping on. But I just can’t believe there wasn’t a conversation about how weird it was to be at the Peach Pit without him or muse on what Luke would have thought about doing the reboot. Something! The other issue was how anticlimactic all the reveals were. Since the arsonist was caught offscreen and relegated to little more than a throwaway line, I genuinely didn’t realize he was the stalker going into the season finale. At least I assume that’s who the stalker was since they never mentioned it again. It really should have been someone the audience recognized, otherwise, there was no point. Same with Zach being Brian’s son, unless it’s revealed he’s Jason’s or Ian’s should there be a season two. There was plenty of other drama and angst without either plot point. Despite those two gripes, I absolutely loved the reboot, especially Jennie and Christine’s constant snarkiness. I’m also thrilled there’s renewed hope for a Jennie/Jason pairing and I’m totally shipping Brian and Tori, though I still like Shay. All the self-deprecating humor was spot on, especially Ian’s toxic masculinity through-line. I loved the nostalgia, the humor, the fun guest spots and the heart of the reboot without it being a direct reboot of 90210. This was a great summer surprise and I need a season two.

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