Jason directs Tori and Brian on BH90210
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The cast tries to figure out who has it out for them, while Brian processes his new reality.

BH90210 was back in full force tonight with the latest episode giving us another fun cameo by a former cast member, the first scene of the show within the show, and reignited doubts about Zach. Soaps.com has the recap for season one’s penultimate episode below, which has us asking, is it really almost over?

Ray Pruit is an arsonist?

The cast gathers on the lot on BH90210In the aftermath of last week’s fire, everyone shows up on the lot to begin shooting. While Tori freaks out in preparation of her sex scene with Brian, he runs into Zach. Brian apologizes for dodging him for the past couple of days, but he’s been trying to process the fact that he has a 20-year-old son. Brian admits he hasn’t told anyone yet including Shay but gets Zach a production assistant job on the show. Meanwhile, Jennie gets cozy in her trailer with Wyatt. She drinks beer and pretends to enjoy watching golf with her bodyguard who has lifted his no-dating-clients policy. Elsewhere, Ian acts as a life coach to Anna when she doubts her writing abilities. When she awkwardly asks him to Netflix and chill sometime, he looks confused, but says, “Totally.”

On the Peach Pit set, Christine tells everyone production has been shut down until they find the arsonist. The studio is investigating and looking at possible disgruntled employees. Christine warns there is zero-tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Alone, Gabrielle asks if Christine is avoiding her. She assures her she’s not but she does need her to sign a consent form regarding their sexual relationship. The group, minus Jason, meets up to make a list of anyone who might have it out for them. Their list is not short, but when Tori accidentally falls down a set of stairs, she thinks she knows who the stalker is – Ray Pruit. Or rather, Jamie Walters, who played Ray on 90210. Since his acting career never recovered from portraying the man who abused Donna, she’s confident he’s the culprit. The gang finds him singing How Do You Talk to an Angel in a bar two hours outside of L.A. With zero proof, they hurl accusations at him and try to call 9-1-1 until Jason calls to say they found the arsonist. Turns out it’s the weirdo who owns the dress Tori stole in the first episode. That means production is back up and running. But first, the gang joins Jamie for another round of his infamous song.

A caveman director

Brian consoles Shannen on BH90210Back at the studio, Brian talks to Zach about his mom, who was a recurring extra on 90210. Brian was young and they used to party a lot. He invites Zach to call him Dad, but Zach feels weird about it. Especially since Brian hasn’t even told anyone about him. When a nervous Tori tries to talk to Brian about their upcoming sex scene at craft services, he’s distant and brushes her off. But she takes note when he has no problem talking to Shannen, who he confides in about Zach. Tori gets uncomfortable during their love scene, but as director, Jason’s in a rush to get it filmed. When he doesn’t take her insecurities seriously, she leaves the set.

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Jason and Jennie in his office on BH90210The next day in hair and makeup, the women commiserate over Jason not listening to them. Jennie hightails it to his office to air their grievances. When Jennie says everyone is feeling his negative energy, Jason confesses he’s thinking about leaving Camille. He’s not sure he can raise another man’s kid. They joke about him being a caveman and share a look, but Jennie says Camille needs him.

Consent forms and water bottles

Ian and Brian on the set of BH90210After Anna asks Ian to sign a consent form before they can continue making out in his trailer, he vents about it to the cast on set. Gabrielle pipes up that she was asked to sign one too. When Jennie assumes she’s talking about a man, Gabrielle cautiously corrects her. Inspired by Gabrielle’s bravery, Brian introduces the group to Zach as his son.

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Jason in the director chair on BH90210Upon Tori and Brian finally filming a successful love scene (despite her intimacy coordinator making things worse instead of better), Jason starts setting up the next shot. Jennie notices his phone blowing up with messages from Camille. She answers when Camille calls again and tells Jason his wife is in an ambulance. Jason grabs his phone and says he’s on his way. Jennie wistfully watches him run out while agreeing to plans with Wyatt. As everyone leaves the soundstage, a man investigating the fire zeroes in on Zach, who tosses his water bottle in a bin. The investigator discreetly bags it.


From the women joking about sex scenes and aging to Shannen’s obliviousness to any season of 90210 beyond hers to Jamie Walters’ appearance, this episode was just good fun. I also loved their list of who might have it out for them. My favorite being Vanilla Ice for Brian because – he knows why. We also got more intrigue about Zach, who, despite revealing he’s Brian’s son (was there a DNA test?), could still be the stalker. My only complaint is that while I love the social commentary casually dropped throughout the series, I felt the intimacy coordinator scene was a little too irreverent. I’m all for jokes, but that issue felt like it wasn’t taken seriously at all. Mostly though, I’m super bummed next week is the season finale already.

These are just my thoughts. What did you think of Picture’s Up? Tell us below!