Updated on March 24:

If you don’t already, and would like to get started watching the series, check out Gotham The Series: Episode One today – as well as all of the complete episodes to date!

Previously Reported on September 22, 2009:

A new web series is on its way to the net, and it will include some former and current soap opera stars!

“Gotham,” set to start production on October 17, with its debut release in November, will star As The World Turns’ Michael Park (Jack Snyder) and Anne Sayre (ex-Mitzi Matters), as well as former castmate Martha Byrne (ex-Lily Walsh Snyder – most recently General Hospital’s ex-Andrea Floyd).

Co-Created by Martha and Alexandra Verner Roalsvig, directed by Lisa Brown, the web series will surround Richard Manning (Michael Park) and Catherine Prescott (Martha Byrne) who cross paths in the suburbs of New York after years of having no contact. Anne Sayre will play the role of Tina Havens.

Soaps.com congratulates the actors on their new project.