Stephen threatens Greg on Ambitions
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Mid-season finale brings Stephen Carlisle back with a vengeance and targets Evan’s life.

This week, the midseason finale of Ambitions left the audience with several huge cliffhangers. Most of them affect Evan, but Stephanie also finally gets her long-awaited vengeance on Amara, and Bella’s too good to be true situation turns out to be just that. Read’s recap for all the riveting drama.

Stephen Carlisle is in charge

Evan consoles Carly on AmbitionsWhile having breakfast at home with Evan and Carly, Stephanie gets a text message from Damian confirming that Titus and Amara are done. Meanwhile, Evan and Carly discuss an exchange program with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. When Stephanie chimes in, Evan notes the tension between Carly and Stephanie, whose irate father Stephen bursts in. Someone forwarded him a link to a post titled ‘Heiresses in Love!’ with an accompanying photo of Lori and Carly kissing. As Stephen rants, Carly confesses she’s gay. Stephen continues his tirade, leading Evan to kick him out of his house.

Stephanie is reprimanded by her father on AmbitionsIn Stephen’s office, Stephanie warns her father that she will not tolerate him making Carly feel bad about her sexuality. He, in turn, notes Stephanie has been off ever since Titus came to town. He also knows she’s been messing around with Greg Peters and throws her off the account.

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Stephen lies in wait for Greg at his office. He just spoke with Greg’s father, who doesn’t know the full extent of his mishandling of English Rose. Apparently, Greg’s daddy needs the project to funnel his “warehouse of cash” and will kill for it. From this point forward, everything English Rose goes through Stephen. Greg doesn’t believe his father would side with Stephen over him. Stephen laughs. The order to kill him was made yesterday, but Stephen was the one who called it off. He also warns Greg away from Stephanie, or else “It will be me that puts the bullet in your head. And I never miss.” Papa Carlisle is not to be trifled with!

Titus has seen better days

Titus rebuffs Amara on AmbitionsAfter Titus butts heads with Hunter at work over his racist rhetoric and Purifoy’s anti-opioid addiction treatment, Amara pays him a visit. Titus, who hasn’t been returning her texts or calls, tells her to leave. Her voice catches as she recounts that Herschel, the man who was bribed to fast track the English Rose permits, changed his mind about testifying. When she threatened him with prison time, he shot himself in the head. As much as Titus wants to be there for her, he can’t right now. She vows not to give up on him. Before she leaves, she asks where he’s staying in case there’s an emergency. He gives her his hotel name and room number. Titus then meets Stephanie for a working dinner. She notes his long face and suggests they go someplace more private to talk.

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Even secret family is important

In Evan’s office, Senior tells Evan he’s going to ask Luelene to marry him and asks his son to stand up for him. Evan agrees. Senior also urges Evan to spend as much time as he can with his children… all of his children. (So, Senior does know Joaquin is his grandson!) As for his daughter, Senior follows Rondell out to the dumpsters to protect her after Greg came by lobbing threats. They hear a noise and the bodyguard Stephanie hired reveals himself. Rondell fires him. Senior later tells Rondell of his plans to propose to Luelene. She gives him her blessing.

Champagne and success trumps professionalism

Bella and Ignacio toast on AmbitionsAt the loft, Ignacio tells an excited Bella his mother loves her designs and is ready to move forward with a long term partnership. When she steps out of the room, Ignacio takes a call. He says, “This is going to be easier than I thought. Just do what I tell you.” The next night, Bella puts Joaquin to bed and then joins Ignacio for a glass of champagne to celebrate their deal. Respecting her professional boundaries, Ignacio starts to leave. She stops him and says “Professionalism is so overrated,” and they hit the sheets.

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So many cliffhangers!

As Bella and Ignacio have sex, someone sneaks in the loft and kidnaps Joaquin. Sorry, Bella, it was all too good to be true! Or did someone other than Ignacio have that cute little nugget snatched?

Evan finds Daphne dead on AmbitionsAfter Evan has a heartfelt talk with his daughter (I love this side of him) over her plans to go to London, he meets Daphne in their dungeon. She’s already tied up on the bed, but she doesn’t respond to him. He feels for a pulse and jumps back, horrified. Evan calls someone to get their ass over there… now!

Amara knocks on Titus’ hotel room door and is surprised to find Stephanie answering in a robe. Amara asks her what she’s doing there. Stephanie purrs, “Merely paying a debt that’s long past due,” and opens the door wider. Amara’s face falls when she spots a guilty-looking, shirtless Titus.

Senior is shot on AmbitionsAs Senior leaves Thelma’s to meet his future bride, someone calls out to him and shoots him. Senior lies on the ground and spits, “Kiss my ass.” His assailant stands over him and fires another bullet into him. Of all the shocking things that have happened on this crazy show, Senior’s murder (he couldn’t possibly survive that right?) might top the list. I did not see that coming.

What did you think of the mid-season finale of Ambitions? Is someone specifically targeting Evan? Where do Amara and Titus go from here? Who has Joaquin and why? We have so many questions! Tell us what you think the answers are below!