Damian gives Titus damning evidence on Ambitions
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Stephanie learns who spiked her drink and Titus hears a revealing voicemail.

Last week’s Ambitions saw Stephanie alienating everyone at the dinner party, while Amara was upset with Titus for snooping through her work computer. This week, Stephanie scrambles to keep at least one of the people she upset safe, while Amara is the one in the doghouse. Soaps.com has the latest recap that turns a couple of tables.

Time’s up

At work, Stephanie gets a text message from Greg saying, “Time’s up, Steph.” She urgently calls Rondell, who ignores her call because she’s meeting with Titus. Rondell hopes to take him up on his offer to help her battle the developers. He’d like to, but Titus is too busy with the class action suit against Purifoy.

Marilyn and Marvin Barnes meet with Evan in his office. They’ve decided to move their business to Charlotte, North Carolina instead of Atlanta. When a shocked Evan asks why, Marilyn chimes in, “Charlotte doesn’t have a blackmailing bitch for a first lady.”

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Evan threatens Bella on AmbitionsAfter Stephanie convinces the English Rose investors not to pull out of the project, Evan enters her office. He rages about Stephanie blackmailing insider information from Marilyn which could get them both sent to federal prison. She’s confident she can handle Marilyn, but Evan orders his wife to follow his lead instead. Evan storms out passing Bella, who is waiting to talk with Stephanie. Bella’s worried her contract with the textile company will screw her over. Stephanie is impressed but also curious as to how she teamed up with Valentina De Santos. Regardless, Stephanie says she’s busy, but promises to have a paralegal take a look at it. After Bella leaves, an intrigued Stephanie takes a closer look at the contract herself. As Bella steps on the elevator, Evan gets on to order Bella away from his wife. If she doesn’t, he will make sure she wishes “Inez never pushed her out on the table of some free clinic in the Banks.”

Fighting the good fight

Bella impresses Ignacio on AmbitionsAt the loft, Ignacio admires and praises Bella’s designs. When she expresses her concerns over their contract, he assures her it’s her work, so they’re her designs. He explains he’s been so demanding because his mother is hard to please. Bella asks about his personal life. Ignacio says he’s not the partying playboy he used to be and wants to settle down with a woman of substance. He goes in for a kiss, but she backs away. Bella wants to keep things professional. He understands and apologizes before leaving.

Titus and Rondell face Stephanie on AmbitionsThe next day, Stephanie blows into Thelma’s place to get Rondell to sign the contract. Rondell declares she changed her mind – she’s not signing. Desperate, Stephanie says if she doesn’t take the deal, she’ll get nothing. Rondell retorts that she has a lawyer, just as Titus walks in. He’s agreed to help Rondell pro bono after Amara reminded him how they used to fight the good fight.

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Damning voicemails

Stephanie challenges Titus on AmbitionsStephanie visits Titus in his office after he buys time for Rondell to gather more signatures. Stephanie calls it senseless because Greg Peters Construction will eventually win out. Titus believes he can stop them. She wonders what Hunter Purifoy would think of him moonlighting. As Titus leaves his office for the day, he finds Damian waiting for him in the lobby. Damian tells him Amara lied when she said they only had sex once. He had her all over Birmingham. Titus doesn’t believe him so Damian suggests he check his email.

Amara comes home to see that Titus has packed his bags. He tells his wife that he knows she was with Damian more than once. He’s read the text messages, the ones he could stomach at least. Amara looks like she’s about to throw up as he plays a voicemail of Amara saying all she can think about is being with Damian and that she’s thinking of leaving Titus. Despite her pleas and apologizes, Titus walks out the door leaving her in tears.

The threat is real

Rondell bounces into Evan’s office to celebrate her recent win regarding the signatures. He’s happy for her, but he also wants better for her, their father and the Banks. He believes Greg will bring that to the neighborhood, but Rondell scoffs. Meanwhile, Stephanie gets a slew of emails from investors pulling out of the English Rose project. Greg texts her, “Talk time’s over Steph. It’s out of my hands now.” Worried, she calls someone to put a bodyguard on Rondell to secretly protect her day and night.

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The next day, Evan and Stephanie summon Marilyn and Marvin to Evan’s office. Evan threatens to spill Marilyn’s secret to one of Marvin’s board members who has been critical of his leadership. There’s been talk of a hostile takeover and this could tip the scales. Marvin caves and agrees to bring his business to Atlanta. Marilyn spits out to Stephanie, “I should have killed you when I had the chance.” When Stephanie asks what she’s going on about, Marilyn quips, “Care for a Manhattan?” Stephanie realizes Marilyn is the one who spiked her drink at the party and lunges for her. Evan holds her back as the Barneses make their exit. As Stephanie’s rage simmers, she’s suddenly turned on over Evan dismantling his opponent. They have sex on his desk.