Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green on the BH90210 set
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Jennie gets a bodyguard, while Gabrielle takes a risk.

Soaps.com has this week’s BH90210 recap, which, as a reminder, is a fake depiction of the actors getting together to film a reboot of the original 90210. The episode sees Tori trying to balance home life with her ever-increasing reboot responsibilities, Jason facing his wife’s infidelity as well as his own, Ian struggling to keep up with the times, and two more familiar faces popping up.

Marital strife

At home, Gabby fails to make her confused husband see that exploring her sexuality doesn’t affect her feelings for him. When she meets with Christine at FOX to talk about “Andrea’s” sexuality storyline, Christine sees through her. She suggests Gabby get on a dating app or go to a bar to figure things out for herself.

Jason Priestley in therapy on BH90210Jason is waiting when Camille gets home from a work trip. He tells her about his pre-existing condition – he can’t have kids. (Are we thinking the baby will turn out to be his anyway?) She confesses that she was stressed in New York on a job and had too many kamikazes. It was the only time she cheated. He walks out to crash at Gabby’s.

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At Tori’s house, her husband worries that her working so much on the reboot will affect their family. She explains she’s doing it for them. After he sees Brian in the background while Tori facetimes him from set, an insecure Nate asks his wife not to have any love scenes with her ex. She assures him what she and Brian had was 20 years ago, but she still agrees.

Behind the scenes drama

Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green on the BH90210 setAt FOX, Tori meets with Christine who calls the cast children who never evolved as people. It’s “repellent, yet so deliciously fascinating.” (Her attitude towards the cast is another one of my favorite things.) Christine predicts there will be tons of drama, especially with all the demands Tori agreed to. As producer, Tori will have to manage it and she better not screw it up. And, oh yeah, Shannen better be on board.

At a run-through on set, Ian reads aloud Steve’s storyline which will involve him having sex with a married woman after too many kamikazes. Jason recognizes the highly specific description and demands to meet the head writer. A fight ensues when Tori brings Jack over for Jason to confront about impregnating his wife. When Jason threatens to walk from the reboot, Christine orders Tori to fire Jack. She nervously does and is proud of herself when he takes it in stride, but Jack’s parting look suggests he might be trouble down the road.

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Moving on

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth talk on BH90210After wondering to Tori if she could actually have feelings for Jason, Jennie visits her one-night-stand at Gabby’s house. She suggests Jason can still be a father to Camille’s baby because parenting is not all about biology. She also reminds him that he’s not a saint either. Jason takes her advice and heads home, where he confesses his night with Jennie to a receptive Camille.

Jennie meanwhile is the only one to take the studio up on their offer for a bodyguard after the cast received those mutilated dolls last week. But Wyatt, who is fit and attractive, is always lurking, thereby scaring and/or annoying Jennie. When she calls him on it he reminds her it’s his job to be readily available. He asks her to trust him. She says, “Yeah, I don’t do that.” The next day they have coffee in her kitchen when he’s off the clock and looks are exchanged. I see where this is probably going and reluctantly let go of shipping the snarky dynamic between Jennie and Jason, who are way more appealing to me than Kelly and Brandon ever were as a couple on 90210.

The gang’s all there

Gabrielle Carteris looks up from her phone on the BH90210 setAt a photoshoot, where the cast re-creates the iconic overhead shot of them lying on the ground stacked like Lincoln Logs, Gabrielle tells Christine she’s on a dating app but she hasn’t gotten any hits yet. After Christine walks away, she sends Gabby a message on the app asking if she wants to get a drink. Meanwhile, the new head writer tells Brian she wants to heat things up between Donna and David, which the fans will go crazy for. Nate will probably go crazy too, but for different reasons. As for Tori, she runs in late after bringing Shannen home from Peru to do the reboot. As Shannen gets in place on the floor, she says, “It’s kind of nice to be back.”

Therapy and other things

Brian hires stalker Zach as his assistant and I’m totally in the camp that believes Zach is the son David never knew about. Shay is also revealed to be having a hard time being the more present parent, which is an interesting role reversal.

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On set, Ian offends a writer named Anna when he asks her for coffee and comments on her looks. She lets him know that none of that is cool. While on a bender, Ian rants about how dating and interacting with women, in general, changed while he was married – his ex-wife used to love his compliments. He later learns Anna is the new head writer who plans to set some boundaries by implementing new rules and I totally see where this is going as well.

Carol Potter leads therapy on BH90210The cast enters their first of what will be weekly sessions with licensed therapist Carol Potter, a.k.a. Mama Walsh. It’s a total disaster but that doesn’t stop Carol from angling for a cameo from “Mr. Director” Jason Priestley, who chuckles, “Not a chance.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you enjoying the subtle social commentary? Hoping for more of Shannen now that she’s back in the fold? Agree or disagree with the coupling assessments? Tell us below!