Rondell yells at Stephanie on Ambitions
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Stephanie pulls a gun, destroys a relationship, and causes more pain for Rondell.

Not satisfied with just invalidating the signatures that would save Thelma’s, Stephanie wreaks more havoc in this week’s episode of Ambitions. Read on for’s recap in which Stephanie does more damage to her sister-in-law, as well as her daughter’s love life. She also retains the upper hand with Damian Collins, but she might want to be careful with that one – he’s pretty unhinged. Oh, what am I saying? My money is always on Stephanie Carlisle.

Breakfast with a twist

Stephanie and Evan enjoy a seductive breakfast on AmbitionsOver breakfast at home, Evan tells Stephanie about Rondell’s setback regarding the invalid signatures. Stephanie feigns sympathy but suggests it’s for the best. She has a solution that will help them all, but first, she hand feeds Evan, who seductively licks her fingers. They certainly have an interesting marriage, don’t they? Stephanie says she will take care of Greg Peters but she needs him to handle Rondell. They kiss passionately as Stephanie gets an alert on her phone about Titus being arrested for attacking Damian.

Bella smiles as she holds Joaquin on AmbitionsEvan secretly visits with Joaquin at the loft, while Inez watches her grandson. Inez explains she saw what growing up without a father did to Bella and she doesn’t want that for Joaquin. Evan declares when he and Bella got together he wasn’t mayor yet. He believed they could make a life together. Inez doesn’t believe him. Bella returns, furious at the sight of Evan and coldly sends Inez away. Evan warns he will do whatever it takes to keep Joaquin in his life before he makes his exit.

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The trouble with Damian

Stephanie pays Damian a visit in his room and calls him an idiot. She brought him there to ruin Titus’ marriage, not his career. Stephanie orders him to make the charges go away or else she will make the Department of Justice aware of his tainted prosecutions. Damian grabs her and says, “What’s to stop me from snapping your little neck like a twig?” He throws her on the bed, but before he can do anything else, she pulls a gun on him. She again orders him to make the charges against Titus disappear and to never make a move against Titus without clearing it with her first.

Amara confronts Titus on AmbitionsAt work, Amara, who is trying but failing to avoid a persistent Damian, chats with her office’s tech guy. They compliment each other’s flawless looks and she asks about his juice cleanse before he notes she’s been logging in on her laptop at all hours of the day. After he leaves, a confused Amara looks at her log-in history. She quickly deduces that Titus has been snooping on her laptop late at night. When she angrily confronts her husband at home, Titus readily fesses up. He explains he was only trying to protect them from Damian, who at the same time is getting, shall we say, serviced by the IT guy. After Damian “finishes,” he says to the impressed techie, “I’m a man of my word,” but he draws the line at kissing him. Uh… does this mean Amara’s “friendly” co-worker is helping Damian stalk her?! She literally has no one she can trust. The next night at work, Damian enters Amara’s office to tell her he dropped the charges against Titus. He doesn’t think she’s happy in her marriage and suggests they go back to Birmingham together. She slaps him and tells him to go to hell.

Stephanie’s path of destruction

Stephanie lures Lori to her home under false pretenses and orders the Purifoy heiress to stop seeing her daughter. When Lori won’t back down, Stephanie reveals the couple Lori recently had a threesome with are escorts Stephanie paid to seduce her. She has a video of their tryst and warns she’ll blow up her world if Lori doesn’t end things with Carly. The next day, Lori finds Carly leaving school. When she tries to break up with her she winds up confessing the threesome and what Stephanie did. Hurt, Carly walks away from her.

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Meanwhile, Evan convinces Rondell, who has accepted defeat after losing all those signatures, to meet with Stephanie. Senior accompanies his daughter to Stephanie’s office where they’re shown plans for a new Thelma’s Place. A begrudgingly impressed Rondell has some demands, namely that her family will retain ownership. Stephanie agrees they can own the name, but not the land. Peters will give them an amazing deal though. Alone, Senior says he’ll back whatever Rondell decides, but urges his daughter to think about it. When Stephanie returns, she makes assurances regarding Inez, Luelene, and Charlie and the three of them shake on it. Once her in-laws are gone, Stephanie tells her assistant to leave out all the promises she just made when the contract is drawn up and cackles like the deliciously evil queen she is.

Evan kisses Carly's cheek on AmbitionsLater, Stephanie and Evan show up to Thelma’s for a family dinner in honor of the diner’s anniversary. When Carly arrives, she ignores her mother but accepts a kiss on the cheek from her father. As Senior is about to propose to his lady Luelene, Stephanie tells Evan she needs to finalize the deal with Rondell. Evan doesn’t think it’s the time or place, but Stephanie barrels over to have Rondell sign the contract. The sisters-in-law get into a fight, publicly revealing Senior and Rondell’s plans to play along with Greg Peters. Furious, Inez, Luelene, and Kent leave accusing them of selling out the community. Carly follows, realizing Lori was right about her mother. Evan and Rondell exit as well, leaving Stephanie all alone with her contracts.